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Thursday, November 25, 2010

another upbeat update and more to come


Dear Reader - anyone who's following this blog - I have some preliminary and very good news and will post the data here tomorrow morning.  Right now I need sleep.

It seems that we've got an extraordinary coefficient of performance - as there's zero discharge measured from the battery and a 'too hot to handle' condition on our resistor.  On the morrow we'll be posting up all the graphs on the control wattages and the data from these last tests.   Still to rerun these and similar tests - but it all does appear to be very repeatable.  Still need some overview from our experts but I suspect that will still be some time in the offing as we're to submit a more comprehensive set of data than I'll be posting in the morning.

It's blown me away.  There were early indications of this - some week ago - but the numbers are being firmed up and it seems that we really do not need to stray too far from standard elements and standard technology.  Always was a concern.  It seems that we just need to switch that current and switch it fast.  What a pleasure.  More to the point - there appears to be no NOISE.  I actually am beginning to think that this may yet be easily applied to standard technologies using standard components.  The students are brilliant.

Watch this space.  LOL

Kindest regards,

BTW I'll be goig 'public' tomorrow - when and if I find the right threads and forums.  Not sure where to go but presumably will be happy to post either the data or a link.  And then there's - and  Anyway I'll ask around.  Meanwhile let your friends know.  This is a replication with a vengeance - and everyone dedicated to open source this knowledge will be able to exploit it as and where they can.  SO EASY TO REPLICATE.  Thank you God.

a universal structure

19 Script 3 (draft)

We know the forces as the strong and weak nuclear force, the electromagnetic force and gravity.  What this study will show is that one only needs the magnetic field and it's three potential dimensions to explain all those forces.  But to do this one first needs to locate that area of space where those dimensions would be manifest.  Where - in space - do we find these fields of magnetic dipoles?

Picture, if you will, in your mind's eye, a great big torus.  That torus comprises strings upon strings - necklaces of these very small and very fast and very cold magnetic dipoles.  They are so long that they wrap themselves around the entire universe.  They are so numerous that they fill the smallest regions and corners of space.  They are so fast that they are entirely invisible.  Yet this is the background, the scaffolding, the woof and weft of an almost solid cloth that holds the tapestry of matter.  It is invisible to light.  But it is the thing that moves and carries light inside its perfectly geometrical shape.  Put your finger on any part of that vacuum of space and it will be entirely undetectable except that it will be cold.  Very, very cold.  And in essense it is simply a jolly big toroidal magnetic field defining the shape and boundaries of the known universe.

Now picture God reaching into that structure with a pair of scissors and He then cuts one of those strings.  The necklace unravels, tumbles out of that orderly structure and it becomes a pile of beads that fall together - attracted to each other as would any magnets be attracted.  But tumbling.  They fall out of that orderly formation, that string.  And they then tumble into a localised area of space.  It puts one in mind of nebulae.  Those fast cloud structures that are seen to give birth to stars and possibly whole star structures and galaxies. 

We need to go back to Bell's requirement for symmetry.  If in the breaking of one indescribably long string - all those little beads fell out of their cold fast small state to become hot and slow and big - then an equal number of those little beads would have become equally colder and smaller and faster than the beads in the magnetic field itself.  So.  Here's the thing.  We have one level of size that we can relate to - and that's determined by light and whether or not light can interact with that 'thing'.  When it can't we have a second level of size that we can only speculate about - as it remains hidden and invisible.  Then we have a third level of size that is just so small that it cannot be reached by the hidden fields of the magnetic dipoles and it can hardly occupy any space at all as all of that space has been defined by magnetic fields.  It would share the same dimensions of time as the hot, big dipoles that we can see.  But it would be entirely out of reach of either our own reality of the reality of the magnetic fields.  Having no volume and occupying no space, it would, nevertheless share a time dimension with our own time dimensions - a kind of momentary co-incidence with our own realities.  

So.  Potentially we have these dimensions.  We have our own reality which has the three dimensions of length, breadth and depth and it's own relative time reference.  Then we have the magnetic fields that share our spatial dimensions but they have an entirely different time frame which, being faster than light would be in advance of our own time frame.  Then we have this third dimension that, curiously has only one  dimension of space in that it's extant at all, and another more certain dimension of time, and that time frame co-incident with our own.  Four dimensions to our realities, four dimensions to the magnetic field - and two dimensions to this third reality and one has a total of 10 dimensions that would then describe that entirety.  And all share a co-incidence with space but none share an identical time frame.

In effect this would then suggest that the universe may be a 10 dimension binary system - entirely described by our string theorists - but here pointing to varying properties of scale in speed and size and temperature.  The rule being that potentially the dipole itself can reach any extreme of three distinct properties being heat, velocity and volume.  The correspondence is this.  It is as hot and big - or as cold and small - as is determined by its velocity.  In the same way it is as big and fast  or small and slow as is determined by its temperature.  And therefore it's also as fast and hot or slow and cold as determined by it's volume.  Know any one of it's poperties and it describes the others.  Just, bear  this in mind.  In a field condition it would not be manifest in our own dimensions.  But outside a field condition it would indeed be evident.  It is proposed that it's evident when things glow with warmth or simply catch alight.