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Friday, April 1, 2011

100 - on the much needed finalisation of the model

Dear Reader,

I have finally finished adding illustrations to the model. But it's a work in progress and likely to be amended here and there. I believe there's a contradiction in my argument somewhere in there that I have to ferret out. And there's a few additions that I need to highlight related to the way the forces are an expression of the different dimensions in the field.

the model - click here

Poynty has sent me an email to advise me that I'm foolish - to try and pretend that I'm a scientist. I hope I'm not guilty of this. To the best of my knowledge, I have never made any such pretense. All I have done is try, within the constraints of my limited knowledge, to explain something that I have seen. It's a 'pattern' behind all that is manifest. And it does not contradict known physics. I believe this may be the first excusion into 'field physics' which, I firmly believe, will be the the new reach of this new age science.

And I am entirely satisfied that there are no readily formed mathematical constructs to explain all this. The best that our string theorists have proposed is a static backdrop. How would one resolve all that energy if, as proposed here, that backdrop is that fast that it exceeds light speed. I am certain that a new math and a new geometry will be required to do this justice. That I cannot - is a good thing. It is better that this is progressed by mainstream.

I do hope that there are those amongst you readers who are able to understand it.

Kindest regards,