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Friday, November 18, 2011

193 - definitely just for the record.

Dear Reader,

I'm just keeping this here for the record - as it's likely to be deleted from the forum where it was posted.

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Dear JouleSeeker
I wonder if you could advise us if you are one and the same person as our member who variously identifies himself as Physics Prof and Steven E Jones? Surprisingly I'm in receipt of a personal message from B**** - who also, apparently, shares the same name. Such an extraordinary co-incidence. Regarding this post of yours.

Quote from: JouleSeeker on November 13, 2011, 11:55:55 PM
There is some recent information -- .....Adding ONE proton to a Nickel nucleus as claimed by Rossi and Focardi will produce Copper isotopes, predominately Cu-59 and Cu-61, since the predominate isotopes of nickel are Ni-58 (68%) and Ni-60 (26.2%). {Add one proton to Ni-58, becomes Cu-59; add proton to Ni-60, becomes Cu-61.) Furthermore, both of these copper isotopes are highly radioactive (releasing gammas) and easily detectable! And detecting their presence via decay products would conclusively demonstrate the occurrence of the proton-capture reaction on Nickel.

Where exactly have either Rossi and/or Focardi claimed this? I believe this was a claim made by a 3rd party and is entirely unsubstantiated. Nor do I find any support of this finding - by anyone at all. Then. I'm merely a member of that 'vulnerable' public who, thankfully, you're anxious to 'protect'. The copper that was found was, as I understood it, 'stable' - is that the right term? Presumably this means that it had no 'isotopic'? - again terminology - help me out here - imbalance? Which, again as I understand it - means that it would not, therefore emit that 'radioactive' decay. Those 'gammas'. Golly. One's alarm bells start ringing. Without any kind of schooling - even I know that 'gamma rays' are somewhat toxic if not lethal. IF, indeed, this E-Cat was emitting Gamma Rays - then SURELY? We should do our level best to resist any further progress of this technology?

Unless, of course, there isn't actual PROOF of this or, indeed, any toxic emission. Poor Rossi. Neither he nor Focardi - nor any of those academics who actually REPLICATED his E-Cat findings - were able to find any emissions at all. Which just goes to show. Give a sample to an independent laboratory for analysis - and God alone knows what they'll find. One hopes that sample wasn't tampered with. The comfort is this. If was - then it was not by Rossi et al. They're on record. They can find ABSOLUTELY no toxicity in this technology AT ALL. Possibly it was simply 'claimed' by whoever it was that's 'claiming' this. My vote would be to get a second independent laboratory onto the job. It could be that there's an over zealous detractor at the laboratory who's trying to discredit cold fusion. We need to look out for such people. They're those dedicated 'disinformants' who are trying to keep over unity evidence out of the eye of our public. God forbid that they succeed. We need to beware.

But there's another point to this. If, indeed, the E-Cat is able to transmute nickle to copper and iron - and if it comes out in such copious quantities - then - frankly - why bother with using the E-cat as a generator? I would have thought that Rossi's time would be far better spent in manufacturing copper. HUGELY profitable. One should alert him to this potential. It seems that he's overlooked it. I'm absolutely satisfied that he would make considerably more money in this way than in trying to sell those working units of his to the needy public.

Actually, come to think of it - even our academics would know this - and they're not renowned, as a rule, for their business acumen. Perhaps - after all - it was simply 'contaminated' - as you propose. But then I wonder if Rossi would have contaminated it. It rather works against his claim - and simply confuses the issue. No. On the whole I would suggest that the contamination was from that 'plant' at the plant. lol. Probably he's in the pocket of our rich oil or grid supply monopolists. Golly. This is all giving me a headache.

Anyway - in conclusion - and as a rule - I think we should rather desist from alleging anything at all. It's like any speculation. It just goes around in circles. The best thing to do here is to support any MEASURED EVIDENCE of over unity - in the E-cat - and leave it at that. And, happily, that evidence is incontestable. Being, as I am, a member of the vulnerable public - I'm glad there are those such as you to protect our best interests in all things. Clearly we can hardly assess anything at all - for ourselves. But actually, I for one would not care if Rossi was a Christian, a Buddhist, an ultruist - or even an outright capitalist. Golly. I would just love to see his technology available to us all without any further gossip mongering. Unless - of course - there are proven FACTS against his good name.

Kindest regards,

By the by. This post of yours has nothing to do with your thread topic. I notice it's been copied on yet another thread of yours. Something to do with coins that you're offering as a prize for a perpetually running motor. Just as an aside - I think a perpetual motor may just earn even more than the value of those coins. But is is nonetheless, excessively generous of you to offer anything at all. If you check out the board here you'll see that we have a member who has dedicated a thread to the promotion of the E-Cat. You may find some answers to those 'allegations' that you're promoting.

Golly. And I also see that it's the identical post copied at Overunity You've clearly been rather busy. ;D

Kindest again,
I took out B**** 's name to protect his identity. Sorry about that.

192 - perhaps this explains things better

Dear Reader,

The following is a question from one of the readers here. I'm hoping it may help any others of you who are asking the same thing.

Dear *****,

is that your name? And are you aware that there's a Professor ***** on the forum? It's an extraordinary co-incidence.

In any event. Here's the concept. We know that there's an abundance of energy that is responsible for 'binding' our galaxies together. There is no explanation for this. We only know of the forces of 'gravity' - electromagnetism - and the strong and weak nuclear force. Well. The force of gravity is such that those galaxies should not be able to stay together. And they do. By rights - and according to the Laws of Gravity - the galaxies should, by rights, be UNRAVELLING. Falling apart. Our astophysicists therefore proposed that the thing keeping them together is the 'dark force'. They then applied gravitational lensing - a measurement technique - and discovered that INDEED - there is something there that is not directly able to interact with light - or photons - or whatever. Yet it is, INDEED measurable and is holding those great star structures together.

Therefore they called this Dark Matter from Dark Energy. And being a new kind of energy then it - in turn - has a 'FORCE' or, alternatively, it IS a force. Which means that this force has NOT been factored in to the 'standard model' as they call it. It's an entirely NEW discovery. Well. It's also shown to be EVERYWHERE. Our model is based on the proposal that magnetic fields are the source of all the forces and is therefore a PRIMARY force. So. If this model is right - then what we're proposing is that the magnetic force is this very thing. The dark force. The "FORCE behind the FORCES" - so to speak.

Now. The next point is this. Fusion and fission are the means by which atoms are transmuted into different elements - or different atoms. It needs extraordinary levels of heat to effect that 'transmutation'. In fact, the only known 'factories' to manufacture this huge variety of atoms are the stars themselves when they're in the process of exploding. Super novas - I think they're called. Which is the point at which they cannot - themselves - contain all that energy, all that heat. The thinking is that - at this critical and catastrophic moment - they explode. This is also when these explosions then seed or saturate space with the all the elements or atoms - in all their varieties. And these gradually 'accrete' into the planetary structures that then orbit those or alternative star structures in those or even other distant galaxies.

It's that 'accretion' that is the foundational concept of our model. What we propose is that it is these entirely separate 'binding fields' of small or discrete packages of magnetic fields - that are responsible for that 'accretion'. We propose that these are sourced from the energy levels (magnetic fields) of stars and that they are dispersed - quite literally as 'hot flame' at the point when those stars explode. And they can only cool down and separate into discrete packages - when they can find two or more atoms to bind together. So. First they're in a chaotic slow - relatively localised condition and seen as 'flame'. And then this flame 'separates' into discrete parcels to form a necklace - a ring - an orbit - that interacts with the energy levels of two or more of those atoms. But they become invisible to light because, when they orbit, they orbit at twice the velocity of light. Light is that slow, by comparison, that it can never find these little fields to actually interact with them. So. They become as cold and fast and invisible as they were previously hot and slow and visible.

All of which only means this. All matter - everything that we can see - or that has a visible or discernible or 'real' boundary is simply some composite of those atoms that are 'held together' or 'bound' by these binding fields. And the point is this. When we manufacture our heating elements - or indeed any circuit material - then those atoms are also bound by these binding fields. As is everything that is tangible in our visible dimensions of time and space. So. It's not the atoms that are held together by a gravitational force - but these binding fields that hold those atoms together. That's a small departure from the standard model. But it resolves certain paradoxes related to the 'Casimir Effect' - and, I suspect, that it's also the source of Plank's constant.

Be that as it may - if, indeed, this is the source of the 'dark force' then it should be provable. Because it means that the energy in 'bound material' should be accessible provided only that we can induce those fields to break that orbit which will then compromise the bound condition of that material. Well. There's nothing new here. Our contention is that we do this every time we induce an 'electric' field in the electromagnetic interaction. We're claiming that those binding fields are being disrupted - and that - in inductive and conductive circuit material - these fields can 'liberate' their potential energy - provided only that there's some initialising imbalance to induce that interaction. In other words - we're using that dark matter - every time we run an electric current. But if this is correct - then we've not been using this electric energy - this force - to its potential. It also means that if we induce ONLY the force in the circuit material - then unity will be exceeded. The more so if we don't heat those elements to a catastrophic level.

Which is all - probably - more than you wanted to know. The reason that this does not 'leak' out of the system in the sense that you mean it - is better explained in our paper on the subject. I'll attach it here. It may make things clearer. I hope your mailbox can accommodate such a big file.

Kindest regards,