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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

202 - I am reminded

Dear Reader,

Do not, EVER, assume that there is not a conspiracy - ALIVE AND WELL - that is effectively denying the truth of 'free energy'. It constantly amazes me how effective is this counter information program. Our energy monopolists are well served by the following.

First and foremost is the happy truth that theoretical physics is COMPLICATED. It serves their cause well. Science is a subtle art that relies on conceptual understandings which, in turn, need advanced mathematics for its full description. That puts the intellectual knowledge out of the reach of public comment. And way outside the reach of mere public comprehension.

Then there's an even more pernicious arrow to their bow. It's the simple fact that all and sundry are well served in maintaining an attitude of 'judicious scepticism' or 'skepticism' as you Americans insist on misspelling it. Either way, we are considered adult and reasonable to dismiss rather accept evidence. So much more 'grown up' - so to speak. So much more REASONABLE.

Then there's all that evidence that abounds in those 'free energy forums'. The members are usually recklessly hopeful that they can, collectively, challenge anything at all - least of all with the mere proof in experimental results. Such absurd optimism. That hopefullness, that optimism, is, unfortunately thereby tarnished by a lack of - 'judicious scepticism'. Altogether too buoyant and too 'in your face' to be credible.

Then, when the truth rings out too clearly, there's an immediate solution. Employ the 'trolls' those well fed dogs - to come and DENY ALL. That part's easy. They not only display an excess of all that 'judicious scepticism' but they compound it with a welter of incomprehensible claptrap - disguised as 'advanced knowledge'. Effectively they dispute EVERYTHING - and disprove NOTHING AT ALL. But the readers at those forums are then somewhat confused. Who to believe? Who not to believe? Until the entire question is dismissed for want of an answer.

And if that evidence is still too GLARING - too CONSPICUOUS - then the solution is to attack the character of the claimant - and their reputation. That part's easy. It requires any reach into any allegations at all - without any attendant need to support that allegation with proof. That's the technique that was developed by Goebbels et al - refined to an art form during Hitlers sojourn with history.

And the trolls are in the pay of - God knows who? But since their efforts best serve the energy monopolists - who in turn serve the Governments - then? Still a tricky question to answer. One never knows if the Governments are in the pockets of those monopolists - or if the Governments license those monopolists. I'd say it's a symbiotic relationship - where the monopolists tend to better long term benefits.

But finally it's our media. That 'voice of the few' masquerading as the 'voice of the people'. God spare us from the effects of their work. It's where judicious scepticism is poisoned by the toxic requirements of the monopolists and our governments - to ENDORSE THEIR POLICIES. They can pretend to any kind of objection - unless and until it rocks the corner stone foundational structures that support the power of both. And when it comes to free energy then they're definitely applying a pick axe to all that support.

It's complex. I've barely touched on it all. But the good news - notwithstanding - is that 'TRUTH WILL OUT'. Whatever else history has shown us - where truth shines, however dimly - it eventually shines bright. And of all those listed here - hopefully it'll show up the rather 'red' faces of our editorial staff and their witting or unwitting cooperation with our monopolists' agendas.

Kindest as ever,

by the by. Here's what reminded me.
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201 - for the record

Dear Reader,

just another one of those 'for the record' numbers. It's a letter I wrote to the editor of the *****.

Dear Sir,

Unlike most of your readers, I am in the happy position of being able to attest to the active role your newspaper played in keeping some critical information regarding Rossi’s E-Cat - out of the public eye. I tried to alert you to this technology. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I know better now. We understand NOTHING without your guidance.

I am also reminded about the critical role that the media engaged in denying that cold fusion technology of Fleischmann and Pons. They also managed the much needed and complete annihilation of their reputations. To this day and even as mentioned in the reference attached here, the technology is ‘haunted by previous “cold fusion’’ claims that have gone unproven’. In fact the technology WAS proven. Only the explanation was lacking. But, there again. Who cares? It was enough to bury the technology for a couple of decades or so – while our monopolists made us ever more gridlocked and themselves ever richer. That’s the real scoop.

Meanwhile, clearly, we are all indebted - quite literally. Far be it from anyone at all to frustrate the progress of our nuclear expansion program. While this will inevitably leave the entire South African population deep in the red - for generations to come, it will assuredly continue to enrich our utility suppliers. Which is a very a good thing. Without that indebtedness God knows where we’ll all squander our money? And who then will fund our Governments and our university research programs into the myriad ways to use conventional energy supplies?

And, in conclusion, and at its least, we have you, our dear editorial staff of this and many other ‘rags’ to thank for keeping this knowledge out of the public eye. Would that the Boston Herald would follow your good example. But even there, ALL IS NOT LOST. They have not written that the technology works. On the contrary. There's also no reference to the prior accreditation of Focardi, Del Gudice, Celani, Stremmenos and Preparta who are merely EXPERTS in the field. It’s a little worrisome though that so many academics attended that meeting. One hopes they know better than to speak out openly in support of that technology.

So. Again. Thank you, dear sir, for your extraordinary efforts at intervening in our reckless efforts to get this information known. And in the unlikely even that anyone wants to look up this Boston Globe article. Here it is.

Kindest regards
Rosemary Ainslie

click here for a direct link to that article.

the Boston Globe article