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Sunday, November 27, 2011

200 - the dogs have lost their teeth - thank God.

Dear Reader,

I am beginning to realise that we're winning the theoretical argument - probably based on that second part of our 2-part paper. The evidence is this. Where before I was hounded by detractors from hell at every post that I made - I now see none of those dogs snapping at my heels or even bothering to bark. Indeed. We're even in receipt of some rather qualified but, nonetheless, support and well wishes, from some highly esteemed academics - thus far 5. Which is a handful. lol. When we get to a round dozen - then we've got a full jury and, subject to their permission, I may even make their support public.

The fact is, nonetheless, that our own experimental evidence is already antiquated by Rossi's technology. And the further truth is that it will not be long before even his technology is outmoded and eclipsed. It's the nature of the beast. What Rossi has brought to the table is something that will rock our science at its foundations with a level of experimental evidence that will FINALLY gainsay all that prejudice against it. It's been insufferably difficult path for Rossi. Clearly the man has been flirting with mainstream prejudices for a while now. He was first hounded to hell from his Petroldragon ventures - and now, with this new discovery of his, I'm satisfied that the level of attack will be exponentially increased. But he's strong - and more to the point his evidence speaks way louder than his detractors. FOR ONCE. That's a very good thing.

Meanwhile, we hope that he'll be alert to our own explanations which I'm reasonably certain he could use to justify those values that are so hotly contended. It's easy to argue provided only that one proposes that little magnetic dipole to the magnetic field. How easy is that? Then everything really does just fall into place.

Roll of 2012. I know we've reached a very critical junction in our path. My own little contribution is to show all this in some readily understood pictures. Can't wait. Science made logical. It'll be a first. But, unfortunately for some - it will make this accessible to EVERYONE. Within easy intellectual reach. Needless to say it could be fueled for and against an orderly transition. But I'm satisfied that it'll be a good thing. It levels the playing fields for starters. That's likely to make it less confrontational for the most of us. And hopefully the good of the many will somehow prevail.

Just for the record though. We are also able to take water to boil at no apparent cost of any energy at all from a battery supply source. Smaller - much smaller (lol) quantities than Rossi. But it's there. Therefore, should Rossi's technology be effectively denied, or refused, or frustrated - then there's another string to the bow - or bullet to the gun - as required. So. My advice to anyone who is still trying to frustrate all that evidence. You're wasting your time. These truths are likely to leak out all over the place with some considerable discomfort to our energy monopolists. That's a discomfort that I'm happy to advance.

Kindest regards,