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Monday, January 10, 2011

delays - and more delays - 30

Dear Friends,

It's been hectic. Sorry I've neglected this side of my life. But all's well. We're still debating the 'final show' and how to do this. We're also upgrading that bread board to give us a few more options.

Regarding your comments. Loved them all. Including the question as to which year we intend publishing. Just by the way - the intended year is still this year. The month - not so sure. We've finding things on the circuit that I've never actually seen. Only predicted. We're still trying to find out if this may be 'new evidence' or if it conforms to the old. Booya, Oompa, and the rest. Thanks very, very much. All support is heartening. But. Again. Please don't 'spread the news'. It seems I've grossely underestimated the time required. Still ever hopeful that something will move here before the close of this month.

Thanks again guys - especially to those who are giving such unequivocal support.

Kindest regards