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Monday, August 15, 2011

148 - ungagged

Dear Reader,

I've been re-instated at one of the forums - in fact I think at 2 forums. But I've no intention of going back there unless and until our paper is published. It's just an awful lot of noise and does nothing whatsoever to progress anything at all. The trouble with promoting any new concepts in the full glare of public opinion - is that those opinions are usually immoderate and unmoderated. Especially when it relates to new ideas. It seems that there's a great deal of abuse justified under the banner of 'extraordinary results' requiring 'extraordinary proof'. But that's a particularly unhappy road to walk - ever. Especially for me. I have rather bruised memories of this intervention. But from the distance of nearly two months - it is now - I return to those threads and see the same horrible confusions and pretensions that I tolerated before. It's not a happy place. Just a parade of ego and self-interest

But here's the thing. I've just seen a documentary that lists what's required if we're to satisfy our energy needs in the future. It's something in the order of the needed manufacture of 3 solar panels a second - 1 wind turbine every 10 minutes - 1 nuclear power station every month - for a period of 10 years - just to satisfy 10% of the needed alternative energy by the year 2025. That's simply not doable. I would have thought an alternate option would be the voluntary reduction to our birth rate as a preferred route. But for some reason it also seems that we, as a species, become inordinately creative when we're under the hammer - so to speak. It could, perhaps be that we are flirting with these catastrophic potentials in order to 'dig deep' and find that much required solution.

These are all big questions. Right now I'm banking on the human potential to evolve into something considerably better. That would be nice. But to get there I think we first need to get rid of those restraints that are associated with classical and quantum thinking - and reach for the 'impossible'. Historically I see a crisis growing - like the ground under a volcano - really with nowhere to go but upwards and outwards. That's a desirable direction provided only that it does not conclude with an explosion of magma. My money is on achieving that paradigm shift. It would certainly be a desirable evolutionary consequence.

Kindest as ever,