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Saturday, October 8, 2011

156 - a general update - and ancient aliens.

Dear Reader

Still no news. And frankly I've not got the courage yet to contact the IEEE to find out why no progress. My sister in law is an academic and has advised me that I must complain only if I've still not heard after 6 months or so. Golly. That's calling on reserves of patience and tolerance that I simply do not have. As you all know I've taken a breather and have been working on a story book for my grandchildren. It's progressing - slowly - as I'm developing the register and the general plot line. And the pleasure of painting again. It's all been a welcome distraction. But my thesis nags at the back of my mind and I return to it constantly - like a tongue to a sore tooth. I took the trouble today to read through the model and it's far from sufficient and equally distanced from completion. My overriding intention was to write it that all us poor laymen would understand it. Frankly, on a re-read - I find that I also am confused. God alone knows how you must all have struggled to wrap your mind around it. So. For those that managed it - it speaks to your own remarkable intelligence and an equally remarkable tolerance of an utterly clumsy rendition of concepts. I can only apologise.

The good news is this. I have worked out a way to explain gravity using those Lines of Force. It begs a certain departure into pure geometry - but I've been finding symmetries that I've not yet been aware of and - these last three days - I think I've found a way of arguing it. It's kept me awake - but I've enjoyed it - not so much the exhaustion that comes with these obsessive interests of mine. But the challenge was there and I could not resist it.

I've had the good fortune - always - of working with some very clever people. Riaan Theron is going to help with the diagrams and the rest of the team, hopefully - as ever, will give me their input and criticisms. Then the intention is to finish a paper on gravity and submit this to AIP. I'll be using the same experimental proofs - where required - so all that hard work on our first paper will not go to waste.

What actually motivated me was another one of those Discovery programs - this time on Stonehenge. What a fascinating subject. If the thesis is right - then I think Stonehenge was designed to isolate a locality from the Earth's magnetic fields. And again, given that our thesis is even half way on the mark - then that would have resulted in a feeling of, if not actual weightlessness. Would that they could restore that monument to its earlier state. I think the English National Trust would then find the real purpose of that construct. It was surely no accident that it was located in the heart of the Wiltshire Moors resting, as it does on a chalk bed. Nor was it an accident that they chose those granite stones - rich, as they are, in iron. To my mind they created a super conductor and charged it with the Earth's own magnetic fields. Then they created a potential voltage source with the broken line of those taller inner standing stones. And then? Who knows. I think that it would have generated a flux field that would have delighted the likes of Tesla and God knows - the most of our energy enthusiasts. You see this. The voltage generated on that inner 'half moon' alignment of standing stones would have released that potential difference onto the 'alter' - whether or not the stone was standing. That would have been shocking. lol

On another subject - I've been watching a new series on television. Ancient Aliens. I wonder if - indeed - our ancients do, indeed, have a history that predates the 5000 years BC as required by our anthropologists. If we were instructed by these aliens - and if that instruction predates the 'cave man' era - then it is a puzzle as to why they left us. Presumably we needed to evolve our own knowledge. It makes sense - on some kind of intuitive level. But there are way more questions in this than answers and all is purely speculative.

Very interesting - nonetheless.

Kindest regards,