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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

197 - this may yet be published in our local rag

Dear Reader,

I found myself embroiled in some rather confrontational letters exchanged between me and one of our more patient editors. He was actually surprisingly tolerant as, unlike most, he allowed me to argue the case at all. My usual diet is to be cut off mid sentence and mid argument.

In any event he has allowed me to 'tell the story' and may even publish it - obviously subject to any required editing. Hopefully he'll not be too liberal with those cutting shears.

Here's that article. It may still need some revision. But the Guys at have more or less approved it.

What fun.
Kindest regards,


This year heralds the possibility of a solution to our global energy requirements and pollution concerns. An Italian company headed by a Mr Andrea Rossi, has held a series of demonstrations of the E-CAT technology that, if it works as claimed, will produce more heat than the fuel that is used to generate that heat. In effect Rossi is able to generate robust levels of energy measured in the Kilowatt range – at the cost of a small initialising electrical input. What was shown is that a current was applied to the reactor for about half an hour until it reached a temperature of about 170 degrees centigrade. Thereafter some operating process ‘kicked in’ and the system ran itself.

This extraordinary claim flies in the face of Thermodynamic Laws unless it can somehow be attributed to the nuclear force. For those of us who remember the event – it is similar to the claims of Cold Fusion, now more widely referred to as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) that were advanced by Fleischmann and Pons in March of 1989. They too repeatedly demonstrated experiments that measured this same extraordinary heat signature in an interaction of heavy water (a water molecule comprising deuterium) and palladium. Rossi uses the more accessible materials of nickel and hydrogen and possibly some catalyst that has not yet been disclosed. The only way, within our standard model, that this amount of energy surplus can be explained is in terms of nuclear processes. But to prove that some kind of fusion was occurring there is also the required proof of ‘emissions’ – those radioactive waste materials that are the signature proof of a nuclear interaction. This was sorely lacking and it was precisely this lack that buried both the claims of Cold Fusion and the good names of both Professor Fleischmann and Dr Pons. Ironically, it is also precisely this lack of a toxic waste product that makes this energy technology so desirable.

The difference between Fleishmann and Pons and Andrea Rossi is that Rossi has taken this to the level of a working, saleable and patented product in units that can be ‘containerised’ and shipped anywhere in the world. And these units are designed to deliver 10’s and even 100’s of Kilowatts. The other glaring difference is that Rossi took the precaution of inviting only that public to his demonstrations, that are qualified to evaluate the measured energy surplus. It includes, among many, the august names of Professors Sergio Focardi, Emilio Del Giudice, Francesco Celeni, Christos Stremmenos and Dr Guiliano Preparata, all of whom are experts in the field. They have all publicly accredited these results that support the claims of efficiency. But none of them are able to explain the result, as the measured emissions do not fall in line with what is expected in a nuclear process. It is interesting to see that some highly reputable scientists, including Nobel Laureate Emeritus Professor Brian Josephsson, are speaking out in support of the ‘cold fusion’ results – regardless of the theoretical constructs required for this.

All of which means that, yet again, our theory may lag the experimental evidence. Perhaps there are new forces that are emerging – a new science in the making. But whatever the explanation, this certainly promises a potential and welcome freedom to all energy users from the gridlocked relationship with our utility monopolists. Nor are there the toxic waste products associated with nuclear energy production. And most significantly, it will also resolve the escalating problems associated with global pollution resulting from our prodigal over use of fossil fuels. As it’s described in the official link to Rossi’s work - this may be a revolution in the making.