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Friday, November 11, 2011

183 - so much to do - so little time

Dear Reader,

Tempus is fugitting and I'm in a mild state of panic that I have not yet written the paper on gravity. I'm now starting this - and am just trying to structure the argument that I can make use of our experimental evidence. I have a friend who has kindly agreed to do the illustrations - as required.

Which means that I'll be putting in very little time here. I'll try and dip in daily - as this blog of mine has a way of 'clearing the head' so to speak. It keeps my focus on the big picture.

And one part of that picture that needs highlighting is that our 'TROLLS' are moving away. What a pleasure. Personally I suspect it's because the dare not comment on our papers lest ever more of you notice it - read it - and then, God forbid, actualy get to understand it. lol. What fun.

Kindest as ever,