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Monday, November 7, 2011

180 - golly. I think this may be verging on propaganda. Bear with me.

Dear Reader,

I have been thinking to what extent this technology could - in fact - be dangerous, in the sense that knowledge of atomic energy could be dangerous. It's a tricky question to answer - on so many levels.

Firstly - if and when this news were to break - there'd be a movement to decouple from our grid suppliers. That could be catastrophic to the best interests of some rather powerful monopolistic energy suppliers. Then there'd be the real potential to run our transport from self-charging battery supplies. And that would confront the best interests of some equally powerful oil cartels. Both our utility suppliers and our oil producers would also then be less able to supply the huge revenues that our centralised governments require. That would confront them with a need to impose an alternative control. Tricky. Then. As with the evolving realities of lights that have a durability measured in terms of generations rather than days - we'd systematically move away from our 'disposable' mindset - and the need to keep 'spending' for general maintenance - will thereby be negated.

Then to more benefits - more pluses. lol. We should be able to lower the cost of all manufactured goods. That will bring down the cost of living. And with easy access to knowledge that is electronically available - then the privilege of schooling will be better shared - that everyone can then develop their intellectual potential as required. That's got to be a good thing. Surely. There is nothing more satisfying than developing one's intellectual muscle.

Then - as I see it - there will be a two way growth. On the one side there will be those whose lives are committed to hedonistic pleasures and the pleasure of material acquisitions. And on the other hand there will be those who are committed to learning ever more about this hidden force field. And I fondly predict that our materialists will grow increasingly bored with all that readily available 'material' - while those that search for more answers will be forever and entirely engrossed in their quest. It's an inexhaustible field of knowledge.

All of which is a good thing. George Lucas you said it well. 'May the force be with you'. lol. BUT. Between that potential and our current austere realities - there's this front of denial that's absolutely at its last gasp. That, indeed is the real war. It is ARMAGEDDON - written large and everywhere. And, as prophesied - the forces of good must prevail lest we all commit social suicide as we co-operate with the disorderly - 'order' of things that currently prevails and that benefits such a small minority of our populations.

I don't think it's an easy road. But if and when we get to this required destiny of ours? Then I think that we will finally have found a sustainable and exciting evolutionary reach. All things are possible. This much is the only truth.

And regarding the dangers? What dangers? The fact is that when the 'have's' have as much as the 'have nots' then there's no further argument - anywhere. It will do wonders to promote tolerance between our various 'tribes'. It's that inequitable master/slave relationship that needs addressing - that is carefully disguised as the freedom to choose one's work - one's slave guild, one's religion. In truth there are no real choices available. There's got to be something better out there. And indeed there is. It's dangerously close - and it's the reality of free and abundant and clean energy. We've got all the proof we need. We just need that proof to be better known.

Kindest as ever

179 - 'the headwinds are ferocious'

Dear Reader,

I've taken the liberty of copying some correspondence which has the real merit of giving an over-view and update both. I've edited out names as I do not wish to compromise anyone.

Kindest regards,

Dear ****

if you ever intended reading everything on this subject you'd be at it for a month. The whole thing is perfectly summarised by Professor **** who said 'the headwinds are ferocious'. That's it. In a nutshell. And I'm actually not that strong. If I'm committed to the cause, so to speak, it's because I've seen the full picture. And it takes the breath away. It needs sharing.

You're right about the need for sophisticated oscilloscopes to show up that waveform and to give the measurements. I'm reasonably sure that this is one of the reasons that this has stayed hidden for so long. Your standard oscilloscopes don't operate at fast enough speeds. I think I mentioned something about this in the first part of that two part paper. Professor ***** at Boston - knows of my paper. He has already advised me that I've got a wrong equation. I've written P = vi dt - when it's watts - vi dt. But that's in the light of a typo as I've given it correctly else-where in that paper. So. It's not serious. He has never written back to me. But there are other Professors who are aware of this work at Harvard and at Cavendish. And they're intrigued - I think. I suspect that ***** himself is also. We'll see. But he won't come out in support of these findings. No-one will. Not until it's published. Otherwise their good names will be associated with 'eccentric philosophies' - which is not a good thing.

One day I'll write a book on the 'interventions' of our trolls. There are those among them that are frighteningly well able to manipulate people and opinion. They leave Goebbels far behind - a mere preschooler by comparison. It's an art that is alive and well and growing at pace.

I'm not into getting financial rewards - or indeed any reward - from this work. That - happily - immunizes me against their best efforts. But I'm sorry for their efficacy against the work itself. That's inexcusable. But truth has a way of getting heard. Sooner or later. And I rather depend on that fact. And on the unwavering support of my wonderful family and my courageous collaborators. You see this, I trust. I'm very blessed. Just not that popular. lol

Golly. This email correspondence is getting very long. I've re-read some of it and see that I've already breached my solemn promise not to keep bothering you.
I blame you entirely. It's not often that I can indulge in a correspondence with someone so capable of seeing the big picture. You're a rare find. I've told you this already.

Again. As ALWAYS. Take very good care of yourself.
Kindest and best regards,