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Thursday, November 24, 2011

199 - here's hoping our reviewers will 'put foot'

Dear Reader,

here's the letter to our editor.

Kindest regards,

Dear Professor,

It seems that these delays in publishing our paper have allowed the news of Rossi's E-CAT to advance our own news. Not that I mind - one little bit - as it's all grist to the mill.

I wonder if I can impose on you to please read that second part of that 2-part paper. You will see that it argues that so called 'over unity' is the inevitable consequence when one uses 'dark energy' which, we argue is simply 'magnetic energy' from the primary Magnetic Force.

This has the very real merit of reconciling some diverse branches of physics without a required revision to the standard model. I am reasonably satisfied that the argument is well articulated as I have comments on record about this from some very prestigious academics to whom I've shown that paper. I also understand that I've made an error - in the nature of a 'typo' where I reference Power = vi dt where I should have written 'energy'. It's correctly referenced elsewhere in both papers. And that error is correctible. Apart from that I've only had favourable comments - in those few instances where the recipients commented at all.

I wonder if I could impose on you to please advise us of the status of that paper. We have not managed to solicit a response to our earlier request on this.

And, in conclusion, dear Professor ******, I wonder if it would not be as well to at least put those questions out there. We are not being pedantic in our proposed solutions to this. It may initiate the required dialogue amongst those academics that they evaluate this energy as coming from an alternate force to those proposed in the standard model. And it may help to advance Rossi's technology which is so urgently required. Certainly the debate needs initiation and then our learned academics can argue the need for those emissions that are sorely lacking in the LENR technology. If this is, indeed, determined as 'dark energy' which is what we propose - then there is an immediate explanation and the standard model is entirely secured - notwithstanding.

Kindest regards,

198 - breakthroughs - all over the place

Dear Reader,

There is the real promise FINALLY of getting the news of both ours and, more especially, Rossi's technology - to the public. NOT MUCH LONGER NOW. And possibly even before Christmas.

It's important. We need the public to know that there is information ABOUNDING that allows access to clean and abundant energy. And then that public can ask our very learned and revered - why the HELL they're ignoring all this evidence? Indeed. Our academics will need to rally because IF they don't - they'll finally lose all credibility and respect and with it - their authority on matters scientific. I'm sure they'll not put that to risk.

Then more good news. It may be possible to fund the required to interpret the model in terms of simple patterns that you can all better understand what I've been banging on about for so long. The model is EASILY explicable diagrammatically - pictorially, fractally? - if that's even a word? In any event, it's impossibly difficult to explain it with words. The diagrams are that simple and the fractals - so logical - that I promise you this. Your own children - or grandchildren - from the age of 7 years or younger, will be able to understand it - let alone the rest of us - regardless of our age. Science rendered as it should be - conceptually and logically. AND - it does not conflict with what our greats have been teaching us for so, SO long.

Then that will give a result that will make this technology so well understood - that absolutely no individual will be able to claim any recognition for 'leading' this - least of all - ourselves. It is our heritage and it is courtesy our Greats - but it will be rendered in terms that are understandable and purely conceptual. AT LAST. So when we reach into this elusive field to extract all that available energy - then we can do so with the required circumspection and modesty that this will require.

And all this is a consequence that is 'devoutly to be wished' because I am reasonably satisfied that it will re-awaken a sense of the 'orderliness' and 'permanence' of our universal order - and our need to assume better accountability for the role we play in it. Sorely lacking. All's well with God, and all's well with His universe. We, on the other hand, have been somewhat reckless and somewhat presumptuous in imposing our own fallible solutions onto His greater plan. Which possibly sounds insufferably sanctimonious. But please bear with me. One cannot look at even this very small part of such a beautiful pattern without acknowledging a sense of wonder and awe. Which is why I've been compelled to keep plugging all this.

Finally, Dear Reader, just know this. If you Google my name - the very first reference is to that claim that I am a fraud. THAT is the proof of the efficacy of our TROLLS. They engineered the 'hits' that this has now become the very first reference to any search into my name as it's associated with this technology. Please READ THE COMMENTS to make yourself UTTERLY familiar with the caliber of that handful of anonymous posters - to familiarise yourself with their toxic mindset. And then you will KNOW - that this is what we're up against. It has not made a blind bit of difference to the growth of this knowledge - nor to that small part that I play in this - and, it is there as EVIDENCE of the rather hysterical requirement of these competing interests to throw discredit in the face of this growing knowledge. That conspiracy thing - that is so vocally denied by those many that have themselves been seduced by those allegations - IT'S ALIVE AND WELL. We're fighting an insurgent war here guys. I just hope that I'll survive long enough to see this wonderful energy abundance brought to the world.

So. Very soon now you will, all of you, be able to understand the model - and then apply it in just so many ways that's on offer. I can't wait. All this news will be broadcast soon - and my article may yet be published. What a pleasure.

Kindest regards,

by the by - PLEASE - let as many people as possible know about cold fusion. The word cannot be spread fast enough.