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Saturday, February 18, 2012

258 - between a rock and a hard place

Dear Reader,

I've been trying to puzzle out why Defkalion should be preferred over Rossi's number. I think it's to do with Rossi's open admission that he's relying on his 'secret sauce' to give him the market edge over his competitors - while he lines up those mass production efforts of his. There's no polite way of telling your average appliance shopper that you're withholding the 'workings' of a technology for as long as you can - in order to get the market edge. Not a good basis of advertising. We all know the 'edge' this gave Bill Gates. He came to the party with his software 'to do' list - pretty well DONE and dusted. And in a way we're still playing 'catchup'. So. If we're going to hear CONFIRMATION of this - admitted with all the candor of the excessively truthful - then we're possibly reminded of previous abuses that this advantage will likely give him.

But in Rossi's defense Sterling Allen took the trouble to emphasise this point. He first got Rossi to admit that his patents were likely to proceed rather than precede production. Which means reverse engineering is INEVITABLE. He then got Rossi to confess that his 'automated mass production' (AMP) LOL - efforts were designed to compete with the best that China's cheap labour force could offer. Which wipes out any usual pricing competition. And then Rossi was left in the unfortunate position of having to concede that his interests in withholding this elusive 'ingredient' to cooking with the E-cat - was ONLY intended to MAXIMISE his own financial advantage. Not so much philanthopy as selfishness. In other words - Sterling made sure that we, the public, were not confused by any concerns that Rossi's hard work was intended to benefit either us or the good health of the planet. He rather seems hell bent on benefitting himself somewhat. And certainly with all the focus of a greedy entrepreneur with a typical monopolistic reach to wipe out the competition. More echoes of Bill Gates.

I think we need to look at Defkalion's public statements with the same amount of circumspection - albeit NOT emphasised by Sterling. I am of the opinion that they're well aware of Rossi's 'spice' - but I also think that they're bound by contract not to reveal this to the public. Under usual circumstances that would put them out of the race and I'm sure that Rossi's aware of it. In other words - should they produce any of those generators then they would, inevitably, allow the public to learn everything they need to learn about that required recipe. This would be actionable. So. Rather than make this knowledge public they've wormed themselves around this contractual obligation by proposing to build their Hyperion - I think it's called - with a fool proof 'fail safe'. Should any buyer of their technology presume to try and find out how this works - then there's a build in system that will 'self destruct'. Implode. Leaving one without either the required knowledge - nor the required benefit of a working generator. Tough on the pocket. And more than sufficient disincentive to NOT LOOK.

It is my opinion that this intended 'safeguard' - which is ONLY likely to benefit Defkalion's own reach into a market supply stranglehold - is far more of a danger than Rossi's openly declared intention of capitalising on his technology. I live in Africa. It is well known that most of our appliances, our Geysers, our gate motors, just about everything electrical - attracts 'squatters'. I've had 'bees' at the gate. And snails. And, indeed, latterly, we're inundated with ants. They all love the shelter - come rain or shine. And they seem to thrive on all that electrical buzz. Definitely. A preferred 'abode'. Right now I've got a Gecko living in my microwave. Doing very well for himself. We're good neighbours. He eats those flies that I hate. A sort of symbiotic relationship. LOL. My point being this. Who knows what's likely to find its way into Defkalion's Hyperions? And at what point will it self destruct? Not a happy thought. And then I must pay the consequences? Because Defkalion want to breach sundry promises to Mr Andrea Rossi. And do so with impunity? Frankly of the two - I ONLY find Defkalion's open acknowledgements offensive. And deeply so. I feel that if I buy something - then I MOST CERTAINLY want to know what goes on inside. If it's my property - then I should be able to do with it AS I PLEASE. Else technically - and notwithstanding the sale - they've NOT ACTUALLY relinquished their 'ownership'. And I'm not about to share that. Not if I've paid for it.

Kindest regards