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Saturday, December 10, 2011

208 - the elephant in the arm chair

Dear Reader,

It occurs to me that there's an elephant sitting full frontal - in every one of our free energy forums that is being 'poyntedly' and 'energetically' ignored. One has to wonder why. If, indeed, these forums are intended to promote the advent of 'free energy' then what is there - on or off the market - that is quite as wonderful as Rossi's E-Cat? Yet there is no mention?

I suppose in the same one one could ask why it is that I was hounded off both those forums? I merely committed the folly of producing some rather compelling evidence of over unity. And supposedly this is the goal of those forums. It's confusing. But whatever it was that we managed - it is nowhere near as extraordinary as the proven efficiencies of the E-cat. And this is simply not getting any mention at all.

I'm inclined to suppose that these forums are rather relying on the bad measurements and hopeful claims of their experimental members - to actually keep spreading 'doubts' about those results rather than otherwise. Certainly pride of place was given to Harvey et al on all rights to comment on my own technology. And those comments regressed to a total misrepresentation of the fact - on a thread where I was not allowed to comment at all. The history still rankles.

On the whole, I'm inclined to believe that they are all actually anxiously promoting - not free energy - but on their own beliefs related to this. Either for or against, but never to be the property of anyone other than themselves to do with as they please and in any context that they choose.

Here's some rather distressing facts. All were entitled to 'flame' my threads in a personalised attack against my morals, my lack of training, lack of mental stability and my entire lack of intelligence. If and when I defended myself against this attack then I was systematically 'banned'. This left the floor open to the detractors to say what they wanted. And all they wanted was to kill off the subject which they did in short order.

It would be excessively naive to assume that there are any of these forums that are not promoting an agenda. Fortunately Rossi is more 'street wise' and had the good sense to stay away from all such. He also had immediate access to academics for their evaluation. And he also is motivated by the sincere desire to advance free energy in the true sense of the word. Thank God. And thank you Adrea.

My own interest in continuing on those forums is to ensure that our readers are given the truths about this vast reservoir of energy that we're beginning to realise. They, the readers, do not subscribe to all that agenda - that conspiracy thing - that all sensible thinkers deny and yet - to which so many have also somehow have fallen victim.

Rossi just dismisses the whole catastrophe as being irrelevant in the face of his working technology. And at the levels of power of produces - then the detractors are going to have to dig deep to deny all that evidence.

We're all privileged to live in a time when the true properties of energy are going to be fully exposed. Which is a really good thing.

Kindest regards,