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Saturday, November 19, 2011

194 - for cold fusion - think dark energy

Dear Reader,

I've just been reading the following link. Very interesting it is too.

click here. It may take a few moments to download as it comes with a 'must see' video at the end of that script

It's a commendable piece of reporting as it gives every side of this story unfolding. I'm of the opinion that this is most certainly NOT a galvanic - nor a nuclear - reaction and that it may very easily be the same thing as we've uncovered - albeit to a less robust level. In a word it's - 'dark energy'. Actually that's two words.

Comments in that link, are made by Professors Sergio Focardi, Emilio Del Guidice, Francesco Celani, Christos Stremmenos, and Dr Guiliano Preparata - who all attest to the clear evidence of energy being dissipated at the 10's to the 100's of Megawatt levels. Clearly too, there is something in that 'powder mix' catalyst that Rossi is anxious to keep to himself. He's not frustrating the research but is first looking to adequate protections to cover his patent concerns. Understandable - but irritating if one wants to reverse engineer this - which is always the challenge to those of us who are interested.

But the evidence is that it is not a fusion reaction. Or, at best, it's some variation of a fusion reaction - as there are no toxic emissions. If you recall, it was this lack that buried Fleischmann Pons's claims in the late 1980's. Curiouser and curiouser. Because it is precisely the lack of gamma ray emissions that makes this technology so thoroughly desirable. The truth is that our standard model does not have an explanation. And, at the risk of promoting a rather preposterous piece of presumption (couldn't resist the alliteration) - I am entirely satisfied that we do.

I'm going to forward our paper to those esteemed academics and cross my fingers that one or more will actually read it. If they do - then they'll be in the rather rare and exalted company of a very few academics who have done so. I might add that I've had no unfavourable and 'some' favourable comments on that thesis. But here's why I'm going to advance it.

What they've got is the application of HEAT ONLY. We, on the other hand, have sorted out the electrical application. Now all we need is the motor. And that - frankly - is easily resolved with the judicious application of some of that 'steam' that both our technologies manage. Although, obviously, Rossi does it with considerably more competence than ourselves.

IT IS ALL VERY GOOD NEWS. ROLL ON DARK ENERGY. It's still just a shadow at the opening door. But it's also beginning to take shape.

Kindest regards,

And here, yet again, is that link to our paper.
click here. And read this carefully. We also have those anomalous heat signatures - at over 100 watts - from the electromagnetic interaction. Just from the simple application of Faraday's Inductive Laws. It must surely give pause for thought