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Saturday, October 22, 2011

162 - On trollmanship. An art in the making.

Dear Reader,

I have finally dipped into that blogspot which, as I understand it, was intended to give a balanced view against my claims. Golly. I'll give a link hereunder for those who may not know about it.

Well. What can I say? I've been hugely amused. I might add that I actually made a formal complaint about it to Google when I learned of it. Now, however, I've finally learned the trick of finding those comments. I needn't have bothered to complain and will withdraw it. It's a remarkable tribute to the mentality of of those anonymous posters and I fondly predict it will go some way to advancing this technology of ours.

In any event. I've said it all before. I absolutely do not mind what anyone thinks of me. But what is important is to either DENY or ACCEPT those amazing results that are experimentally evident. A mere indifference is entirely inappropriate. And indeed, I am gratified to see that much DENIAL. So passionately expressed. It's a a fair measure and tribute to the importance of what's being disclosed. So. To all of you anonymous posters. Thank you very much. Indeed. Any publicity is good publicity.

For those of you who post there to defend the technology - or me - don't bother. Your comments are edited out.

For those more balanced readers - here's the thing. I'm old. And I'm tired. And these efforts of all of us to bring this to the academic table have, to date, been somewhat fruitless. Hopefully that will change. But the experimental evidence is not something that I can fudge. I don't have the required skills. Nor the intelligence. The results have all been 'double checked' by all of us - through a close analysis of the data from those multiple data dumps. And there is unequivocal proof of a negative wattage - which has absolutely no relevance to any known standard models. At it's least - its anomalous. AND - this is important - it is easily replicated on simulation software. Of course, you can do what Poynty did - and fudge those numbers to death. But what you can't do is deny the existence of that waveform. And one half of that waveform is simply NOT POSSIBLE - not within any standard model, framework or reference. Smaller and diminishing values have been seen. But a sustained oscillation? And with so much energy? And always resulting in a 'negative' wattage - which, in itself has no standard reference? That definitively defies conventional predictions and certainly it defies conventional explanations. And the truth is that it can be replicated on simulation software. It's a delicious irony that Poynty Point - who has vested so much time and trouble in discrediting my work - has actually been instrumental in making this so publicly available. So. Again. Thank you Poynty.

I'm not sure how much of the 'character' of a poster becomes evident through their writings. And when one assess oneself - it's rather difficult to be entirely impartial. But I absolutely would not promote this device if I did not also know that this technology was not both desirable and feasible. But it is absolutely NOT the full benefit that this potential allows. I am reasonably certain that even this much will be 'old hat' before very long. I keep looking out for that 'breakthrough'. But it's eluding us all. Meanwhile what we offer here is a good start. It has the merit of being replicable, easily so - and measurable. And - more to the point - if our transistor manufacturers were to co-operate - then it would also be IMMEDIATELY applicable to every possible electric application. That will put paid to our reach into nuclear energy as a grid supply source. And that cannot happen soon enough. No wonder our grid suppliers have gone to so much trouble to besmirch my good name.

But with regard to that blogspot. It's fine. For every opinion - there's always an opposite. And either are entirely irrelevant. It's the technology that matters. Not it's promoters. So. If you learn of it from denials or not - at least the word is spreading.

Kindest regards,


For those who are interested. Here's that link. I am continually intrigued with the extraordinary license to 'free expression' that is enjoyed by anonymous posters. It seems that they also require that 'anonymity' lest they be accountable for all that nonsense that they allege. Also greatly amused at the reach of their inventiveness. It does - however, become rather repetitive.

(sorry I pasted over the wrong link)