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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

87 - its astounding - time is fleeting - madness takes control

Dear Reader,

The title is a small tribute to RiffRaff and some measure of the continuing panic that I feel. This is written in haste. I am only one third into the report and it's already Tuesday. I've spent far too long on trying to write a paper. I realise now that a full blown dissertation may bore the socks off, of our invited. Better to stick to the point and keep it brief. The paper can follow.

I see a huge spike in readership. For those who have just found this blog and are not aware of what gives here. We've written to all the EE department heads of all the major universities in South Africa to attend a demonstration that shows higher than unity results. In fact we intend showing something that looks uncomfortably like infinite COP and perpetual motion both. But it's for our learned and revered to comment. We are only pointing at some numbers that are not strictly allowable in terms of mainstream thinking. That demo is due for this Saturday. Just 4 days away. Please spread the word. The outcome to that demo will include the publication of the report here on this blog. And the hope is that the meeting may result in some kind of acknowledgement that there are one or two anomalous effects that may require further research.

This is all the culmination of a dozen odd years where I've been trying to bring these results to mainstream. No mean effort. It's cost me many hours of wrangling and grappling with both my logic, the evidence, and mainstream denial of both. Two universities and one research institution have refused the invite prior to sending it. Not bad considering there was once a blanket refusal to engage - from every single university in the country. Paradigms are shifting. Which is a good thing.

Kindest regards