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Thursday, August 11, 2011

147 - the real paradigm that needs shifting

Dear Reader,

I admit to being in a horrible place at the moment. It's that point in time where I can do nothing but wait. I've had one feedback from the many people included on a circulation list. And still nothing from the IEEE.

Just for the minute I'd be glad to indulge in a little bit of philosophy. History has record of those holy men - and women for that matter - who were somehow miraculously endowed with the ability to defeat the laws of physics. Instant healing - the ability to walk on water - fly through the air - change water to wine - and on and on. Well. I also seem to recall that Christ said we must faith. And faith is within ourselves. 'Believe and it will be so'.

What intrigues me is this. If indeed, this field of magnetic energy is all around us and IF - as is proposed here - this field is the source of all energy - then the implications are, indeed, marvelous. Here's why. It means, theoretically that this field and it's energy 'leads' our observed reality. It shapes the present and the future because, in fact - it moves in our future.

Let me see if I can explain this better. We, our observable and measurable realities, are constrained to the speed of light. If light cannot find it - then it will forever remain dark. Therefore the speed of light is NOT necessarily the limit of reality but only the limit to our own observable and measurable reality. Think of it like this. A wind blows a balloon. We do not see the wind. Or think of the tortoise and the hare analogy - where the hare will always outpace the tortoise. Then think of those photons that cannot ever find a single magnetic particle because it's always out of reach. When it gets to the general locality of the magnetic particle then that particle has already 'been and gone' - to be replaced by another that 'comes and goes' before the photon has interacted or 'focused' - so to speak. The best that light can do is find a 'halo' around the general area - that only, at best, rather insubstantially, reflects the presence of a field. That's our magnetic field.

Now. The proposal is that these little particles fall outside a boundary constraint. They operate in a 'future' time dimension. Therefore they can only directly interact with other little magnetic dipoles in juxtaposed fields. But it is also proposed that these fields are EVERYWHERE. But, by the same token, everything else is 'out of reach'. And herein lies the dimension of the miracle. Assume also that the substance of thought is NOT restricted to light speed. Therefore thought itself is able to interact directly with the future. Or within a dimension that is not constrained to 'present time'. We know that when we think there's a sequential pattern to that logic and to all observations that are somehow shaped by time. And it all happens within a certain 'quotient' of time. If I am any kind of 'bench mark' then that speed of thought is somewhat ponderous - and heavily constrained by 'time'. Especially when it comes to explaining that 'thought' or 'sequence of logic' - or whatever. But. There's a quintessential dimension that absolutely has nothing to do with time. It's a pervasive state of being. It's the yearning and longing that 'speaks nothing' and simply feels. It's that response of outrage against injustices. Or its the love that we invest in our families and friends. Or it may be destructive feelings - which are equally powerful. Now. Assume, for a minute that these feelings, these inner yearnings - are of the very same substance of the 'magnetic field' that also then communicate directly with these hidden particles. Then? Indeed. We would be in the happy position of shaping our own future precisely because we'd be in direct contact with these fields.

I often remind myself that - if indeed, this is the case, then we, mankind, needs must grow much more civilized in order to exploit all that potential - lest our desires are not in the general interest of the general good. But here's the exciting bit. In order to level the playing fields we all need equal access to all that free energy because that is the first ingredient required to improve our general lot. And 'free energy' is a reality. It has been conclusively proven on our own tests and - I'm sure - by many others. But I can only speak about what I know. And our tests I know. Intimately. Which also means that - provided there are inductive and conductive materials within reach of anyone at all on this planet - and provided there is some kind of electrolytic material to make a battery of some sort - then everyone - theoretically - will be in reach of enough energy to power their lights? warm their houses? drive their cars? The whole 'catastrophe'! What a pleasure! That will - most assuredly - reduce the conflict between the 'haves' and 'have nots' which is the source of all confrontations. And then? Peace and prosperity. That, after all, is the reach of civilization. Surely?

This paradigm shift - the actual unfolding of this 'field' science - is, I fondly believe - the root cause of what will be a profound evolutionary change which will bring about all the much needed peace and goodwill - that is so urgently required. And the 'kick off' is acceptance of this particle. It holds enormous promise - to my way of thinking.

Kindest regards,