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Friday, December 30, 2011

216 - the background resulting in that prior collaboration fiasco

Dear Reader,

The following is a summary of the fiasco that relates to this early effort of mine to get this technology replicated and then published. It's written here for the record.

Harvey Gramm, to his credit, advised me, long back, that he was NOT my friend. I should have taken him seriously. What he did was insinuate himself into our collaboration for purposes of controlling the paper that we were working on - and thereby ensuring that it would never be published. His first efforts were to include a rambling discourse that referred EVERYWHERE to 'this author's opinion' - or 'this author considers' - all of which is diametrically against the collaborative contract where the author's personalities are required to be indistinct one from another. He then went to some pains to assure the collaborators that he was the 'author' of the paper and that my own contributions were nominal. He then advised all and sundry that my sole purpose was to 'plug my thesis' on the back of Glen Lettenmaier's unique results that had NOTHING to do with a replication. May I remind you all how thin was that denial. Glen managed a COP>7. Harvey miscalculated this to show a COP>4. BOTH claimed that since they did not get a COP>17 they had NOT therefore replicated. And - to confuse the hell of out this nicety - this then became their logic. In as much as their result did not reach COP>17 it was NOT therefore, a REPLICATION in any real sense of the word. ????? What the hell? Why not just acknowledge a COP>1? That alone is AMAZING. Anyway.

Needless to say - when those personal pronouns were edited out of the paper - then Harvey Gramm set up a HOWL OF PROTEST. Such manufactured outrage. The general plot being that 'how dare Rosemary Ainslie amend THIS MY WORK'. Again. This was the kind of self-serving nonsense that he could get away with because Glen Lettenmaier, Ashtweth Palise, Steve Windisch and Andrew Gardiner - were that ignorant of the protocols of a collaboration - that they simply did not realise that it was required. To this day I am satisfied that Steve Windisch is under the delusion that I had NOT written the bulk of that paper - that Harvey was the author and that I had NO RIGHTS TO AMEND HIS WORK. If it weren't sad it would be funny.

Then. With all that fabricated anger - he then engaged in lengthy discourse with all and sundry - to advise them that I was simply using Glen Lettenmaier's unique experimental evidence to 'piggy back' the ride and right to refer to my thesis. Fortunately for us all - the paper was REJECTED - but with the request that we submit to TIE - within the IEEE. And THAT required a complete re-write. TIE protocols require that submissions are made without any reference to the names of the collaborators - so that the work can be evaluated independently. Since half the paper required wide reference to work that was associated with the authors - then the work had to be included in the main body of the paper. This included the work on the thesis. Therefore were the salient points of the thesis referenced. And here again. Harvey pointed out to EVERYONE - yet again - that I was simply trying to justify the thinking in order to DETRACT? - was it? - from Glen Lettenmaier's independent DISCOVERY of over unity. Because, that rewrite necessitated an explanation of the thesis that predicted the over unity result.

Harvey had a field day and made fools of us all. He broke the spirit of collaboration that had thrived before this through a series of skype calls to all an sundry save myself and Donovan. He had the ready co-operation of Glen Lettenmaier who was most anxious to separate any of our prior work from the acclaim of what was to become THIS HIS OWN DISCOVERY. Ashtweth Palise was just flattered out of mind that he was included in this little 'foray'. Not only did he refer to himself as one of the 'big boys' but presumed, rather laughably - to claim to have had any part in writing that paper. In truth he can hardly write a sentence. Ashtweth was simply invited to be one of the collaborators because I knew he had the required skills to submit the paper. He was nominated, therefore as the submissions author. And Harvey, in his genius, managed usurp even this responsibility.

Fortunately TIE alerted me to the fact and asked me to validate the submission. They also required a substantial editing as Harvey - again deliberately - posted all the diagrams in haphazard format out of context of the paper itself. We edited. We submitted. And within the hour - the paper was REJECTED PRIOR TO REVIEW. This time the request was that we submit to a Physics Journal - as electrical engineers were not qualified to comment on the theory that predicted these results.

The good news was that I now fully understood what Harvey Gramm intended. And it was NEVER to progress this to a publication. In fact I think this would have diametrically opposed his actual mandate. The truth, dear Reader? It is that I was THAT stupid that I could trust to the good will of some internet personalities to progress this work - when they were variously trying to 'kill' credibility (Harvey), take ALL credit for the experimental results (Glen), just rattle around and feel important (Ashtweth), or simply arbitrate from a position of profound ignorance (Steve).

The person I feel sorry for is Glen. The poor guy at least managed the experimental replication. For this his work should have resounded - with or without my involvement. But then Harvey managed to manipulate him too. He was required to post results that DID NOT exceed that magic >1. THAT was when he killed off his own credibility. Let me explain. The results - on all aspects of this test - require careful tuning. Too much 'on' or too much 'off' and that magic moment is gone. Glen knew this. and he exploited it to co-operate with Harvey's need to cast doubt on the technology. Easily managed, but it should have then been followed by NEW and BETTER results. The rabbit out of the hat. The surprise victory in the face of certain defeat. BUT. He never got there. Tektronix recalled their apparatus - and Harvey had now done all that was necessary to 'cast' those 'aspersions'. Now all that Glen could do was throw a tantrum - and rather than acknowledge how utterly duped he had been by Harvey - he chose to rant freely through all the threads accusing me of ... God knows what? He's not renowned for his ability to articulate anything at all.

But the truth is this. Harvey Gramm's mandate was and is to actively prevent the advance of over unity. Be warned - dear Reader. Those sad little concerns - those 'mouthings' that he managed on what was ostensibly Glen's thread at EF.Com. The concern that over unity was never managed - that there may be radiation problems that have not been detected? All that? That was the applied anesthetic to put this technology to sleep. And he would never have had to try that hard. There is ONE TRUTH that is absolutely not arguable. To FIND this result requires the use of sophisticated measuring equipment. And this, most assuredly, is out of the range of the most of our forum experimentalists. Which means that this technology will get a good long sleep - certainly on the forums.

Anyway. That's the history of that little fiasco - an episode in the life of the internet. It shows me that one needs to meet ones collaborators 'eye to eye' to get a gauge of the character one is dealing with. My comfort is that there are whole threads and whole blogs DEDICATED to maligning me. I refer to it often to remind myself of the caliber of the troll. This alone is the proof required to show the lengths to which our pack dogs will go to prevent credibility of our work. And the good news is that their's is a losing battle.

Kindest regards,

I should add this. I am entirely satisfied that Harvey Gramm and Tinsel Koala? among others are all paid to deflect from this 'free energy' technology. They are trained in psychology - NOT SCIENCE - and their mandate is to use any means possible to detract from either the work, the character - or BOTH - to continually frustrate this reach for energy abundance. They are WELL PAID. And they are VERY EFFECTIVE. The also have liberal access to laboratories. And TK was able to deflect from the work of ?? - can't remember the name as it happened before my advent to the forums - (it could be Mylow - somesuch?) where he was able to INSERT a wire that simply was not there. I'll get back here when I've found out the man's name. They are DANGEROUS. And this is the real psyops program that is happening under our noses. I am NOT paranoid. And frankly I'd prefer it if this were not the case. We can all get comfort from the fact that Rossi is well able to deal with their nonsense. The man's a genius. And he's had his own bellyful of exposure to their agendas.

Think about it guys. Why is it important to maintain whole blogs to attack my character - when all I'm doing is trying to promote the concept of a particle in a magnetic field? Seems a bit excessive wouldn't you say?

Kindest as ever,