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Sunday, December 12, 2010

comments from the public


Dear Reader,

I notice - with some alarm - that there are considerably more readers than I hoped for at this stage.  And I'm getting questions from you.  If I knew how to answer you all off this blog - then I'd do this.  I have no idea how.  I only know how to publish in this blog.  In any event - if you're reading here - then here's my answer to questions.

Anonymous - What's so special is that we're getting a COP greater 17 and have had 4 hours of run at COP INFINITY.  We're trying to get back this latter result.

Sheldon - the parts will be available when we publish the report.  Not sure where that publication will come but it's unlikely to be on forums.  I'll explain this later.  It's the same circuit that we've always used - except that we're using a standard immersion element as our load resistor and we're driving the MOSFET with a functions generator.  It seems to afford us much better control than the 555.

Meanwhile I am still debating where to report and how public to make that report.  I'll share some concerns about this in due course.

Kindest regards,

Strange Glue - Brick Chokers and Diamonds


Dear Reader,

This is another email to a friend - in another attempt to explain some of the concepts of that proposal.  Hopefully it helps.

Only 3 potential valence conditions of atoms - and the material bonding those atoms
There are only three types of bricks.  They're either blue or they're red or they're a mix of both colours.  And then they're purple.  The bricks are 'glued' together by Strange Glue. Strange Glue is plastic.  It's made up of thin strands of hollowed out plastic marbles.  They're just small threads.  But they orbit so they then become loops.  Just single stranded, individual packages of small necklaces.  And each necklace keeps spinning or orbiting.

The atomic energy levels
Now.  Spinning on the surface of those bricks are similar strands of necklaces.  But unlike Strange Glue - they're multi stranded.  They're the Brick Choker.  And studded between those chokers are pure diamonds.  When the number of diamonds on the outside of the brick can be divisible by 2 then the bricks are coloured Purple. When the number of diamonds outside the brick can't be divisible by 2 then those bricks are coloured red or blue.  Red bricks have less strands of chokers than Blue bricks and therefore less diamonds are studded between those strands.  

Strange Glue does a dance with these outside chokers.  One step forwards for every one step back by the Brick Choker. They orbit each other with the precision of articulated gears and being shorter in length - Strange Glue also has a smaller circumference.  Therefore it completes one entire orbit when the Brick Choker has hardly turned at all. 

The immutable imperative to move to a condition of balance
And through this dance step - in this way - Strange Glue holds those bricks together.  If the bricks are red - then Strange Glue spins clockwise.  If the bricks are blue then Strange Glue spins anti clockwise.  So for every two red bricks you get a clockwise, say, spinning necklace of Strange Glue.  And - for every two blue bricks you get an anti clockwise spinning necklace.  But what Strange Glue actually wants is purple bricks.  That way they can have two spins one being clockwise and another being anticlockwise - both.  And Strange Glue really needs to spin in both directions.

Although each necklace of Strange Glue is smaller than the length of the Brick Chokers - and considerably smaller than the brick itself - it can, nonetheless, move those bricks around to arrange them.  And it can even unglue one brick from another and then move it towards or away from another brick.  And when they do this - when they manage to change the location of the one or both bricks then they also change the colour of both bricks to that preferred shade of purple.  And then that necklace of Strange Glue is perfectly content because it's joined both bricks and it can, itself, then move both clockwise and anticlockwise. Which is its preferred orbit. 

The current that flows as a field
BUT.  There's a caveat.  Just like one permanent magnet can't change it's poles but has to adjust it's entire position to align with another magnet - so Strange Glue first has to alter it's position in space to change its spin or its orbit.  Now Strange Glue senses what's in the environment because it's everywhere.  And it can quickly read the colour of the bricks that are surrounding it.   In the electromagnetic interaction it first makes a bullet run of all those little necklaces.  Here what they do is break their orbits - break ranks -  and turn into long threads that then they join up in a single line or many single lines made up of these smaller little Strange Glue packages.  That means they they simply move into really long lines of little plastic hollowed out marbles and then they do another very big orbit.

But the minute they break away to form these long lines they also 'UNGLUE' the bricks that they were holding together.  But just for a brief moment - because they can move very quickly and very intelligently.  They read what's around them - and then they make a run for it.  Their goal is to get back to that finish line which is on the other side of the start line.  That's their new orbit.  And, when they get back there, then only can they adjust their orbits - as required.  They can break off again back into those little separated packages of threads that orbit.  And having given themselves this wide, wide orbit through the circuit they can then make good use of any blue or red bricks in that environment to re-assemble those bricks as purple bricks or as close to 'purple' as they can manage.  They can now vary their individual little necklace orbits as required.

The energy of that hidden dark matter in circuit components themselves
But to get to the finish line they have to first 'run the course' - and the 'course' in our example could be a circuit.  And that circuit is also made up of bricks.  And they too have these outer Brick Chokers with their preferred number of studded diamonds.  The copper wire is made up of purple bricks.  That presents no real obstruction.  If that long necklace in that bullet run is moving clockwise through the copper in the circuit  - it simply kicks out the clockwise spinning necklaces that are holding those bricks together.  Then it does a sort of a dance with the anti clockwise spinning necklaces and gradually progresses through those purple bricks until it gets to the other side.

The valence condition of those circuit components 
But then it comes across a resistance (our resistor or element).  Here the bricks are either red or blue.  They're all spinning in the same direction  - and that does present a problem.  But it's not insuperable. Here's what Strange Glue knows.  One half of any spin - of any orbit - always opposes the other half.  Strange Glue takes advantage of this.  Therefore - with some nimble footwork - Strange Glue knocks out one half of some of those orbiting necklaces holding those Red bricks or Blue bricks - and simply does it's 'dance' with what's remaining. And so it also passes through those brick structures.

Which is when Strange Glue becomes ever stranger.  What is left behind inside the circuit now COMES OUT OF ORBIT.  Where before they managed to orbit at a lickerty split rate - due to their interaction with the bigger Brick chokers - they now become slow.  They're not orbiting with anything at all.  And then they become as big as they first were small.  They become hot as they first were cold.  They become as slow as they were first fast.  And they're absolutely no longer able to hold those bricks together.  They've lost their 'field' condition.  They're in a state of chaos.  Very uncomfortable.  And they get ever bigger and ever hotter and ever slower as the state of chaos compounds.  BUT NOTE. The bricks don't get hot.  Nothing changes in the condition of their Brick Chokers.  Only Strange Glue gets hot.  And being bigger it also forces those bricks further and further apart.  The brick structure itself then appears to EXPAND.

The applied switching cycle
BUT. Thankfully - the bullet run is momentarily halted.  That's when we stop that current flow from the source - that first bullet run.  Then those necklaces that were 'kicked out' of the resistive structure are able to get back into the structure.  They're still there - orbiting.  Still in a field condition.  And.  Just like the first bullet run - they too have to join forces - join ranks - and find a path back to their own 'finish line'.  As with Strange Glue's first bullet run - the finish line is still on the other side of the resistor's own start line.  They still have to do an orbit.  Another wide, wide orbit.  And because there's still some sense of order in those parts of Strange Glue that was forced out of the brick structure they can still do this.  So.  They now join ranks - line up - hold hands - and then go back into the circuit.  And they then move in the opposite direction to that first bullet run. They also need a path. And they find a path (the body diode of the MOSFET) to allow them also to move through the circuit.  So.  They join ranks and move back but in the OPPOSITE direction.  And then they find their own finish line on the other side of their own start line - those resistor bricks which they had glued and which they want to re-glue.

The methodology
What we do is give repeated bullet shots so that the necklaces in that resistor never get back to their previous comfortable orbits.  And the glue strandes that were broken and  kicked out of orbit then stay hot and big.  I'm simply pointing out that the atoms - those bricks - can only be red or blue or purple.  And what these 'strings' do is move to neutralise NOT the bricks/atoms - but their arrangement in that brick/atomic construction.  And when their orbits are interrupted, when their strings are broken - for whatever reason - then they become visible and measurable as heat.  If they rejoin those 'bricks' or atoms then they re-arrange them to find - not the atom's comfort zones - but their own.  And they know exactly what they're dealing with because they interact with those bricks or those atoms by interacting with the atoms' atomic energy levels - which are also made up of spinning orbiting necklaces which here form a big multi stranded choker.  And they only interact with those atoms' outer energy levels. And when and if these 'fields of glue' are finally and completely 'out of orbit' - when the disturbance is that extreme - when they're that hot - then they can entirely evacuate the area of those bricks.  This can be seen as sparks and flames that leave that previously 'bricked' structure.  Then these strings can move away from the atom - thereby compromising the BOUND state of those bricks/atoms.  They never actually change the atom itself.  Just it's bound condition.  And they're plastic.  They can change their position in space.  They only look for things to 'glue' together.  They look for those bricks that they can paint purple.

The bricks are our atoms.  The Brick choker are it's outer energy levels.  The studded diamonds are the valence electrons.  Strange Glue simply holds those bricks together by interacting with the plastic beads in the bricks'/atoms' chokers.  The interaction of Strange Glue with the Brick Chokers is our 'weak nuclear force'.  The big orbit of Strange Glue - is current flow.


Perhaps this makes it easier.  Hopefully.