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Thursday, March 31, 2011

99 - another quick update

Dear Reader,

I inadvertently deleted this post. Can't quite remember the introduction. But I managed to copy this off Poynty's forum.

Our Poynty is clearly not man enough to argue anything at all. I thought we were in the middle of a discussion. In fact, he was conducting a monologue and - it seems - will brook no argument. But what has now transpired is this. As you may or may not know - he owns a forum. Actually his sidekick Peter Evans owns the forum. But I think they're in partnership of sorts. Anyway. He's now given a mandate to 'Mookie' to rally contributions from anyone at all who has something nasty to say about me. Mookie assures all and sundry that nothing they contribute will be edited. Then, as if this is not enough - he has used his knowledge of my IP address to block my view. In effect, they've started their own little 'hate speech' campaign and prevented me from taking action against all that slander. I've reported this to ALL appropriate authorities. I'm not sure that he's allowed to do this legally. The question is can one undertake to publicly slander another person and then deny that person right to see that discussion. Private would be a different matter. But their's is a public forum.

I could wax eloquent about the morality of this and even the legality. But that's boring. The fact is that Poynty Point is, apparently something less of a man and something more of a big girl's blouse. When punches must be pulled that are that mean and far under the belt - then we're dealing here with something rather contemptible. For some reason they seem to think this is acceptable. Hopefully Peter and Poynty will learn otherwise. So. This is for Poynty and Peterae. Here's your choices guys. Refrain from any further mention of me or give me view of what your saying.

What sad little bullies they all are. But it reminds me how frantic they are to slur this work and my name along with it. Apparently Mookie is concerned that I wear pyjamas all day and do nothing but sit in a tiny little dusty room in front of my computer. LOL. Someone must please tell him that I have really substantial living quarters and rather an excess of space than otherwise. I play bridge. I garden. I consider myself a good cook. I read - EVERYTHING that I can. I have close family and close friends. And, indeed, I have close neighbours. So. A reasonably balanced life with a passionate interest in physics and a burning interest in promoting it's insights. What's wrong with that?

Then. Some good news for me - some REALLY bad news for Mookie et al. We're to do more demonstrations. But this time I'll hold back on details until they're in the bag. The promise is that the protocols will be evaluated prior to the test. So. All will be evaluated prior to that test and the demo will simply be the proof. That's a very good thing.

Kindest regards,