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Thursday, January 13, 2011

31 - a little more on where we're at

Dear Reader

I am being hounded by an anonymous poster who demands an immediate disclosure of our full report and who's somewhat annoyed at the continued delays. The point is this. Until recently I have seen it as some kind of social imperative that I release a full update on all experiments. I have been given some good advice. It does not help mine or any cause to freely submit anything at all on the Internet. Not only is the information then subject to arbitrary criticism and evaluation - but there is the real danger of outright theft of the technology by anyone at all who wishes to do so. Therefore am I being circumspect. I know, for a fact, that there are those who are attempting to claim this technology as their own. And while I have no intrinsic objections to this - it carries with it a danger of intellectual property right claims that I would rather not enable. And to give the news freely only results in a degradation of the novelty itself - the more so as it is then systematically and further degraded or contaminated by unsolicited and irrelevant opinion that seldom carries any kind of qualified expertise. Nor am I under any obligation to disclose anything at all - least of all 'on demand'. I am not sure what 'anonymous' considers as a basis for his/her demands. But he/she does not even give the courtesy of his/her full identity. And the nature of a contract is reciprocity. Anonymous has given me nothing in return. And yet he/she demands access to all the information I have at my disposal that is now the culmination of something like 12 years of dedicated work. What is he/she thinking?

I am afraid that I must beg your patience. In or around the 23rd of this month I may be in a position to know how this project of mine is to be progressed. Until then I will be doing nothing but advancing the conceptual understanding related to the thesis. I hope to post more of that work here. Just know that the results are better than anything I had hoped for and that the news is all good. But I cannot afford to rush into this again. I've said it before. The internet carries with it more dangers than otherwise. And I unfortunately know this as I have been its victim.

Kindest regards,