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Thursday, December 15, 2011

213 - good - we can relax now - Grumpy et al are going to sort out our problems

Dear Reader

A couple of points. The first is that I've finally got another blog. I'll post there soon. I'll possibly keep this one open as a commentary for our trolls. lol.

Much amused this morning to discover that Grumpy now determines that energy does, indeed, come from the environment. lol. As he puts it - like Tesla before him - this is his GREATEST DISCOVERY. Well. Then they've referenced another dissertation - this time on energetic forum - where a pretender has wrapped himself into a Gordian knot and found himself without the wherewithal to extricate himself. He is their new 'authority'.

Dear God. I seem to remember that Grumpy attributes energy to the movement of electrons that respond to 'pressure'. It's akin to MileHigh's contention that particles respond to gravity. The joke is that they both accuse ME of being deluded.

Anyway - it seems that all our puzzles related to 'free energy' or 'force fields' and their abundance - can now be safely ascribed to our new authorities on these matters. We all await their learned discourse with bated breath. Hopefully they'll find the required particle. And presumably they're aware of this need.

But on the whole, dear Reader, I suspect that this new meandering may only serve to keep our physics off its required course. Perhaps they should take a leaf out of my own book and show us all some experimental evidence FIRST. That would help.

Kindest regards,