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Saturday, December 31, 2011

217 - a medieval science poyntedly based on belief

Dear Reader,

There's a delicious kind of 'push me pull you' dialogue in science that moves it to ever greater clarity. What I mean is this. Galileo finds proof that we orbit the sun. Then other astronomers find the boundary of our galaxy. Then others find the existence of more galaxies. And more. Then they find nebulae, the seed bed of galaxies. And so on. But these are all EVIDENT. When it comes to the scale of the 'small' then everything's INFERRED - because the smallest of the small is still the quark and the quark is still not entirely proved.

And what is also so profoundly excellent about science is this. UNLESS IT IS MEASURABLE - then, by and large, scientists reject the postulate - or they entertain it in a 'partial' context - at best. This has been the rule. UNTIL NOW. For some reason that can only be understood by our scientists - there is an ENTIRE reluctance to acknowledge the possibility of ABUNDANT ENERGY. It's strange. There is a global school of string theorists and dark energy enthusiasts who REQUIRE an outright abundance of something that is not actually visible. A particle that - most assuredly - is NOT part of the standard model. And - at a rough guess, about ninety percent of all scientists simply DENY that any such particle is even required. For the first time EVER in the history of science - there is a profound schism in theoretical physics. No matter the measurable proof - the evidence of this new force and it's required particle - there is a blanket DENIAL. Now the new rule is this. If it relates to DARK ENERGY - then the evidence is to be ignored.

Which is strange. There is no reluctance - to either fund or research the existence of the graviton. But the graviton has also NEVER been SEEN. There is no hesitation to award a Nobel prize to Murray Gell-Mann, the proposer of the quark. But the quark has NEVER been SEEN. So? Why then discard the possibility of a magnetic dipole? Because it's never been seen? Or because to acknowledge it would also require an acknowledgement of all that ABUNDANT energy?

I strongly propose that Ellis et al are due for a Nobel Prize - for the miracle of finding a way to measure and prove the existence of dark energy. And this is denied them simply because they are flirting with the proof of much energy - which, at the moment - is not considered to be politically expedient. Which makes a mockery of the Nobel Prize.

But they have also shot themselves in the foot. They too have spent some valuable resources on trying to find a particle which, by definition, can only be INFERRED. But there is nothing wrong with INFERENCE. Inference was required in those early searches for our galaxial boundaries. If the logic can stack - then why deny the particle? That 'darkon' equivalent of the 'graviton'? It makes no sense. If it were purely 'speculated' then indeed. Ignore the postulate. But once it's PROVEN? Then one ignores the evidence at the cost of respectable science - being as it is, based on experimental evidence. And what we show is that particle is a magnetic dipole. Use it and all falls into place.

Now. One of Poynty Point's preferred complaints against our own work is that it was all based on errors of measurement. IF this was the case - then this is what's needed. We must throw away our broad band oscilloscopes. Tektronix and Le Croy must both acknowledge that their very best instruments give ENTIRELY erroneous results - REPEATEDLY - and that the waveforms that are shown by both instruments are FALLACIOUS at best. Then those - not such broad band - standard oscilloscope manufacturers must follow suit. Because they show the same waveforms albeit without the ability to give the precise measure of the waveforms. Then all scientists everywhere must simply acknowledge that measurements are MEANINGLESS. And from hereon in, we must depend entirely on BELIEF. That would, indeed, cut it.

Then indeed, we can all comfortably deny that there is any abundant energy - speculated - or proved - and we can all set about destroying our planet with our prodigal overuse of fossil and nuclear fuels. Then, indeed, everything will make very good sense.

So. Poynty Point. I get it that you find it offensive that a mere uneducated old lady can endorse our string theorists with measured proof of postulate. I get it that you either do not understand the simplicity of a magnetic dipole or that you do not understand the requirement to rely on meaurement. And I certainly get it that the obscure and contradictory thinking incorporated into the standard model is to be sanctioned and used - in the face of the all evidence. But I put it to you that it is NOT scientific. At best - it's BIGOTRY. LOTS OF IT. WRIT REALLY LARGE.

Kindest regards,