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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

57 - waveforms - 180 degrees out of phase

Dear Reader,

I took the trouble to do a series of downloads just to compare values. I'll download some of those pictures but need to do a detailed schedule of results. Note that the values remain negative - proof of infinite co-efficient of performance and our resistor is dissipating plus/minus 6 watts in temperature. Just out of interest that beautiful waveform entirely disappears at below 36 volts from the supply.

Kindest regards,

CHANNEL 1 shunt @ 0.25 Ohm
CHANNEL 2 battery
CHANNEL 3 gate
CHANNEL 4 math trace product of channel 1 and 2

56 - on presumptions and poynted poyntifications

Dear Reader,

I really need to answer Poynty and his brave if somewhat intellectually challenged cohorts. In any event - here's a quick response just to assure them that I still read there and before I get back on topic.

Poynty Point, I will pass on your offer to debunk - but thank you. I have infinitely more confidence in the expertise of real experts. And they abound in our own country. And God willing, they may yet have a look in and check out the facts for themselves. With respect, and unlike you, they do not offer gratuitous abuse and nor, thankfully, do they apply the level of editing that you seem to enjoy in your own data capture - ably asssisted as you are by your excessive use of a simulator. In any event I rather rely on their professionalism and very much doubt that they'd indulge in the character attack that you seem to actively encourage. You should exercise more restraint in this mission of yours to DENY THESE OUR RESULTS. That way one could still accuse you of impartiality. Do you really think that that staff memebers here do not have the required expertise to establish whether or not a result is due to a badly soldered joint - or to incorrect probe positioning - or to inadequate data capture??? What are you thinking Poynty?

MileHigh, you are right and yet you are wrong. We have lost that lossy parasitic Hartley Effect and replaced it exclusively with a stable harmonic - the same one that did so much good on our replicated tests. That's courtesy the functions generator. Far more stable. I wish that it was as readily available and as inexpensive as the 555. But there you go. Never did anyone claim that the chaotic oscillation increased the efficiency. But as it's you, then I can understand your need to fabricate the facts to try and highlight whatever you can manage. Not so long ago you were crowing that we could not manage a demonstration at all. I just wonder where your next attack will come. Possibly you'll claim that we need to replace the battery with a capacitor. That'll be a new one for the books. How aout it Milesupintheclouds?

And Ion and Humbugger and Grumpy and even WaveWatcher. If you were less spiteful I could still consider you to be men. As it is I don't.

Kindest as ever,

55 - not so brief - many moments in time - in fact, 50 seconds worth

Dear Reader,

Here's a sight for sore eyes. Fifty seconds of pure magic in one fell swoop. Enjoy. Much more to follow - but this little doozy took a cool 18 minutes to upload. It needs framing.

Kindst regards,