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Saturday, January 7, 2012

222 - we claim those prizes offered by harti, poynty and steven e jones (professor?)

Dear Reader,

I think the time has come to take the 'bull by the horns'.

I am that sick of the devious and hidden pretensions buried in that declared 'object' of our over unity forums that I am now, on behalf of all free energy enthusiasts EVERYWHERE - as well as my own collaborators - determined to CLAIM THOSE PRIZES OFFERED BY no less than two forums and by Professor Steven E Jones for measured proof of over unity.

They, the prize givers will be sent our two papers that detail the experimental evidence. They will then be invited to test this apparatus on my own premises. They will be refunded their air travel should they disprove our measurements. In order to obviate ANY attempt at fabrication - three electrical engineers will be present at all demonstrations of the device that HARTI - POYNTY and STEVEN E JONES will NOT BE ABLE TO TAMPER WITH THE APPARATUS NOR MISREPRESENT THE MEASURED EVIDENCE. They will be entitled to bring their own broadband 4 channel oscilloscopes to do that measurement - which can be used subject only to the evidence of up to date calibration certificates. We will, in any event, provide our own as a reference - as required.

I guarantee that the test will not need to last more than 2 hours at the outside most - during which time I will be able to replicate the 4 tests detailed in our paper. They can, therefore, fly back the same day that they arrive. But. Should they wish to stay over before flying back - then I will accommodate them all - in relative comfort - during their stay. We South Africans are renowned for our hospitality.

If they decline - then I MUST CONCLUDE that their prizes are simply a kind of 'lure' - to the poor unsuspecting energy enthusiast who is WASTING HIS TIME if he expects endorsement from those 'great pretenders'. Whatever is left of the prize money after they've 'defrayed' their costs - lol - will be paid to a member to be nominated and chosen by all those forum members - for the purchase of measuring equipment required for that nominated members' further testing.

Proof of over unity will be in the MEASURED EVIDENCE based on the protocols detailed in that paper. Can't wait.

HOWSZZZAT!!! I'd say it's 'clean bowled'. lol

Kindest regards