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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

49 - the poynted argument

Dear Reader,

How often and how clamorously have our dissenters argued our evidence? Not enough data, no clear measurements - wrong assumptions based on lack of evidence - or wrong assumptions based on bad measurement protocols. It's been a gathering of the forces that counters every claim with a complete dismissal of the evidence.

Therefore have I waited with bated breath - to see how does Poynty Point get LT's experiment replicated. And lo and behold. No clear points at which measurements are taken. No clear labelling of the resistors used - no clear indication of where the probes are positioned. And on and on. But. Surprisingly. No-one objects. On the contrary - all are clapping their hands and MileHigh is in a frenzy of delight that Poynty is pointedly computing everything that he chooses - as arbitrarily as is required. While he, the great MileHigh - dizzy from altitude sickness - chases each and every one of Poynty's posts with yet another tribute - in the rich tradition of a 'praise singer'.

I see a gathering of the forces of dark trying their best to hide the clear evidence of unity breaches - everywhere. Nothing quite as clear as ever increasing evidence happening at pace. Our latest - presented by Dr Stiffler - is quite simply amazing. He has powered his circuit without the use of any batteries at all. How's that for energy from the vacuum? And far from evoking 'de light' - he's ignored on and referenced in slanderous terms on I will spare him the posting of the video link as Dr Stiffler has been hounded by mainstream and it hurt. I feel if he wanted to state his news more loudly - then he would have taken the required steps.

No relief in sight yet - guys. But in the light of this latest orchestrated denial of the evidence - then I'd strongly recommend that you look past all that denial and check out the truth for yourselves. This uncovering of these universal energy fields is happening and happening at pace. I strongly believe that our own evidence - as extraordinary as it is - will be entirely 'outpaced' by even more extraordinary applications - in no time at all.

It is wonderful stuff.

Kindest regards,