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Friday, January 6, 2012

221 - another troll alert

Dear Reader,

I'm fascinated at the role that Ramset - also known as Chet - plays on all our 'so called' energy forums. I'm not sure if any of you are aware of those excellent books by Gosciny and Underzo - 'Asterix and Obelix' - a kind of social and political satire set in ancient Britain when most of the known world was controlled by the Italians. There's one devoted to Cleopatra - Julius Caesar - and has an amusing Arabian character going by the name of Kroukhut ? - not sure if I've spelled that correctly. He's an excessively obsequious little character who flatters all an sundry with a rather wanton and shameless attempt at manipulation that is also underpinned by an exaggerated self-effacement. It makes one feel mildly uncomfortable because it's transparently manipulative. And what it actually flaunts is a rather critical need for self-esteem. Oily - is probably the best description.

In any event. That's our Chet. His mission in life is to pick up the scent of any significant over unity event and then direct the better qualified 'nay sayers' to their target. In my case he managed to alert Tinsel Koala to the attack. And he did this with a bowing of the head and a scraping of the knee and a kind of awe struck deference that would have been more appropriate in the presence of a God.

Well. He's at it again. This time he's run to Poynty Point and his minions to alert them to the existence of a new threat - something to do with 'cavitation' energy? Something obscure. In any event. It's his duplicity that sticks in the craw. Here is a man who clearly has no CLUE about science, who has NEVER managed an experiment - but who is, nonetheless, anxious to earn his money as a 'detractor'. But it's all managed under the guise of a free energy enthusiast. Always ready to remind all that he's not qualified to comment. Therefore will he 'defer' to whatever it is that MileHigh - that utterly partial arbiter of some considerable notoriety - should require. But he writes with the breathless enthusiasm of a believer. Coupled with the reckless inability to measure an experiment. He pretends ... everything, with an appropriate enthusiasm. And he attempts draw attention to the the weakness of a claim by presenting it as its strength. He is considerably more dangerous than any of the trolls. Bar none. That poor experimenter hasn't a hope. He's in the capable hands of another onslaught from hell led by our dogs of war on anything that smells of a successful test.

But it's the existence of those so called 'prizes' that they all flaunt - which is so sadly inappropriate. Not only would it NOT compensate for the evidence of a unity breach - but it is simply the ONLY justification that any of them can pretend - to comment at all. Surely, by now, this is evident? The one weakness of the forum is the simple fact that none of the experimenters has a clue about measurement. And while this is absent - then regardless of the strength of their claims - it WILL be denied. And that's their mission which pivots on three golden rules. DENY AND DENY AND DENY.

The ONLY posters that I respect on that forum are DeepCut and Farrah. I am entirely satisfied also that Grumpy - bless him - is also not a troll. He's just sadly deluded. They're not ALL trolls. Just the forum is so 'thin' for want of members that the dogs barely outnumber the genuine researchers.

Anyway. That's touched on some of the concerns - from my daily reference to those threads.

Kindest regards,

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