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Monday, January 31, 2011

40 - a quick poynt


It seems that my illustration has been understood - but spare me any more lessons on rms. As I had to point out - it's simply NOT appropriate for calculating the energy dissipated in a switching circuit.


39 - how to tell the difference between fantasy and fact

Dear Reader,

I read - all over the place - that I apparently suffer from paranoia and sundry delusions of attack. It is hugely amusing. I think I must be the only person in the world who is deluded by so much evidence. My comfort is that it's a really small minority who seem to find my thinking offensive. I just wish they weren't quite that noisy. And to those of you who have written of your support - many, many thanks. I think I owe you all what little is left of my sanity.

In any event - I'd like to get back on topic. There's been a rush of 'thinking' that is offered to justify aether energy for these over unity results. The explanations are wide ranging and I'm simply not qualified to comment. Truth is I barely understand the most of them. Indeed I'd be amazed if anyone can. But having said that - I always assumed that my own thinking was a clear as daylight. It seems that many of you struggle. And here the fault is unquestionably my own. I do not have the skills to explain things as those experts amongst you require - and nor do I seem to promote an understanding to those who are not expert. Here and there I get a breakthrough And that's encouraging. But in the main I've achieved very little considering the enormous effort I've put into this. I'm not sure if the most of you are simply not interested - or if it is because I am that obtuse - or possibly both.

I must however make due record. I have been warned by a colleague of Harvey Gramm that Harvey is developing his own thesis based on mine. I now understand why he was so anxious to prevent my referencing the thesis in that paper and would alert you all to the fact that he is, in all likelihood, attempting to steal that thesis from me. His friend was required to do a graphic illustration of the electron's interaction inside the environment of the atom. He showed me this. I'm delighted to see that the concept is grossly flawed and will be easily refuted. But I nonetheless feel that I need to alert you to this new event and would insist that Harvey has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to attempt to appropiate my thinking in any context whatsoever. That would be plagiarism writ large.

I will, hopefully and in due course, make my own thesis more easily understandable. But I've been advised by many of you - especially those experts amongst you - that there will be ample opportunity for this to be promoted and expanded when we've finally completed our demonstration. I can't wait as I assure you the thesis is of considerably more interest than these experiments, Possibly not as immediately useable. But they point to far greater potentials than has been exposed thus far.

Kindest regard,