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Monday, March 26, 2012

265 - Sample of typical posting at

Dear Reader,
The following is a typical account of the level of posting that has been introduced to my thread to give Stefan Hartman the excuse to 'lock' the thread. You see for yourself it's much required. LOL

And YES. My thread has again been locked. What a joke.

Kindest regards,

Guys I’ve made a synopsis of the last posts. They go back to #1511

1511 TK
. Anxious to advise readers that he really is 72 inches long
. Asks Rosemary to teach him the significance of the ‘green trace’
. Again.
. Asks her to believe that PER signifies ‘division’
. When it actually represents a base unit of measurement
. That can be used in any mathematical context required
. Including addition, subtraction and multiplication
. Urgent appeal to be ‘PROVED WRONG’
. Recommends that readers equate him to Steven Hawking
. Somehow?
. Not sure that’s possible.
. Steven Hawking is a genius
. Demands to be taught about a ‘green trace’
. Assures readers that he’ll keep asking this until he DIES
. Or alternatively…
. Actually he offers no alternatives.
. Stefan has undertaken NOT to lock this thread.

1512 Poynty Point
. Tries to get TK to focus on the topic
. Gives him another free lesson in the art of circuit analysis.
. Which has the dubious value of being marginally topical
. But says little about TK’s assumed knowledge of this
. From that declared ENGROSSED STUDY
. Of everything related to Rosemary Ainslie

1513 TK
. Asks about the 5th resistor
. Refers to his previous work on
. When he posted there as HUMBUGGER
. Insists that the work was relevant
. Tries to pin the anomalies on inductance from wires
. Claims that the NERD team never measured the inductance on wires
. Claims they don’t have the collective competence
. Complains that Rosemary Ainslie has no WIT
. Tells readers NOT to think that he’s Humbugger
. But why would they?
. Humbugger was NOT 72 inches long
. Clearly NOT the same person
. Humbugger assured us his (sorry) correction, he was – no longer than a pickle.

. Poynty concurs
. Sort of
. Here and there

1515 TK
. More evidence that he’s not up to scratch
. Has NO idea which circuit to use
. Reminds all and sundry that this is HIS work
. And that everyone’s distracting him
. Or thoughts of Rosemary Ainslie are distracting him
. Or both.
. Claims Rosemary Ainslie is misleading him
. Confusing him
. Or both
. Deliberately or otherwise
. Appeals to her to teach him
. Please
. Please, please. Said many times
. Complains that he has to drive 300 miles
. For some obscure reason
. Asks a question about a frequency
. Then tells the readers that he already knows the answer

1516 TK
. Mentions again that Rosemary Ainslie knows how tall he is
. Suggests that she’s confused him with?
. Not sure who.
. He seems to think she cares
. Rosemary Ainslie knows exactly who he is
. Which is Humbugger
. Because they’ve got that ‘length’ thing in common
. Which is considerably less than 72 inches Per pickle
. Divisible or otherwise

. Tries to get the subject topical
. Fails dismally

. Compares TK to Hitler
. Savonarola
. Mussolini
. Tries to wrest back ownership of her thread
. Fails dismally

1519 TK
. Advises Rosemary Ainslie to listen to him
. Is concerned that she’s money grabbing
. And out to CON forum owners of their over unity prizes
. Recommends that members, readers and Rosemary Ainslie study his work
. When he posted as Humbugger
. Shows his ineptitudes with understanding the imposed frequency from a switch
. Compared to the self-resonating frequency of our oscillation
. Insists that he has outperformed Rosemary Ainslie
. Promises to prove this
. In the same way that he can prove he’s 72 inches long
. Golly

. Refers to cold fusion and nitinol technologies
. Suggests that they have already outperformed any claims in these forums
. Tries to point to the topic at hand
. Fails dismally
. Concludes by stating that TK is NOT BIG
. In any sense of the word

. States that TK’s intelligence is not as profound as Poynty’s
. Or for that matter MileHigh’s
. Or for that matter Steven Hawking’s
. Or for that matter the collective value of every clay brick in our courtyard
. Or she meant to
. Per brick – which is here used as a ‘multiplier’
. Whatever next?

. Recommends that Rosemary Ainslie put a sock in it
. Claims that she’s a W H O R E
. But did not define the acronym
. Made a muddled reference to some circuitry that includes a capacitor
. And assured the readers and members and Rosemary Ainslie
. That he was onto something or the other FREAK
. As he puts it
. Golly
. Clearly points to higher knowledge from lowly sources

. Suggests Microcontroller as a possible candidate for team troll
. Fails dismally

. Attempts to reach the outer limit of his invective
. By calling Rosemary Ainslie ‘garbage’
. Believes that this may be construed as an insult
. And that it may be in keeping with the thread topic
. Which is correct
. Sadly

1525 TK
. Overly concerned that the attention is taken from himself
. Points out that his early work as ‘humbugger’ is the same as this new work
. Which it is
. But sadly as either Humbugger or TK – the work is still irrelevant
. He has not duplicated the oscillation
. In either attempt
. He then fills the page with copious shots of his waveforms
. In an effort to let our readers focus on his genius
. As proof of something
. I think
. He makes no reference to WHAT he’s photographing
. And omits PROOF of being 72 inches long
. Which is more relevant than is work either Humbugger’ or as TK
. The use of the term ‘work’ being loosely applied
. And discussion of his length being much more arresting
. As that level of exaggeration can only have been managed
. Whatever that means

. Warns Rosemary Ainslie that he’ll tell the members and readers
. That Rosemary Ainslie is the only one claiming that she’s got free energy
. Which is confusing
. Because Rosemary Ainslie does NOT claim that she’s got free energy

. Concerned that readers or members take cold fusion or nitinol claims seriously
. Explains that they need to ‘chuckle’ about this
. Like he does
. Advises Rosemary Ainslie that there is no such thing as Free Energy
. Which is somewhat redundant as Rosemary Ainslie concurs with this
. And then promises to explain all
. Specifically that a current CAN bypass the fg’s secondary winding
. Which he’s promised to explain for some time now
. Rosemary Ainslie is still waiting
. As are the readers of this thread
. Assuming there still are any
. Which is doubtful

1528 TK
. Claims Rosemary Ainslie cannot conduct a meaningful discussion
. And pretends that he’s duplicated the NERD technology
. Which he sees as a basis for discussion
. DEMANDS that Rosemary Ainslie conduct tests
. Detailed by team troll
. Designed to disprove the NERD technology
. Then offers to do this himself
. Which is interesting
. Rosemary Ainslie is MOST interested to see any meaningful test at all
. For the record
. Alternatively ‘Dear God’
. Alternatively – ‘If only’
. Something like that
. He concludes that Harti can vouch for the fact that TK is NOT Hitler
. Which is a comfort
. Who would have thought?
. Still no proof of his length is on offer
. That 72 inches – courtesy free energy

. Gives TK more guidance on his waveforms
. Much needed
. Despite TK’s self declared genius
. Or better put

1530 TAK22
. Tries to make sense of the thread
. Fails dismally
. Opts for assuming that it’s a farce
. Probably on the money

1531 TK
. Asks for more lessons from Poynty Point
. Admits his equipment is substandard
. Admits he has no clue what he’s doing
. Asks for permission from Poytny to replace the fg with an optocoupler
. Adds a sketch to lend gravitas to this new circuit variant
. Asks Poynty to sim this first
. Still no proof of that 72 inches claim
. Can’t think why?

1532 TK
. Manages to fill one third of the page with waveforms
. That have nothing to do with the NERD oscillations
. Admits that he hasn’t got appropriate equipment
. Hopes that everyone will not mind this too much
. References the wrong number of batteries applied
. To the wrong test
. And hopes that no-one will notice
. Again
. Concludes that all oscillations are spurious
. Which on the face of it means that there’s no further need to test anything
. On top of which team NERD – never included a shunt analysis
. Because they’re incompetent
. Still nothing more about that unproven length
. 72 inches of it
. Golly

. Makes a reckless departure into circuit analysis
. The less said about it the better
. Admits that it’s probably wrong
. But it has the merit of filling the page
. Concludes that TK is right
. There’s nothing evident other than spurious oscillations
. Which Rosemary Ainslie thinks she’s discovered
. Although Rosemary Ainslie insists that she’s discovered nothing
. But who cares?
. When the truth can be as varied as these multiple circuit variants

1534 TK
. Acknowledges that MileHigh agrees with him but draws a distinction
. TK does NOT agree with that negative voltage
. Claims that the scope trace won’t reflect something or the other
. If the FG is ‘loaded down on it’
. Which possibly means something to someone
. Claims that all the MOSFET’s are turned on simultaneously
. As shown in his or NERD’s video
. He doesn’t specify which but suggests that this sounds convincing
. As he’s just burned his fingers which constitutes proof
. Then states that ONLY Q2’s are on and proof is also from the IR thermometer
. Further proof is that Rosemary also proved this
. Her function generator oscillations go ‘off’ - which is difficult to interpret
. Concludes by appealing to readers and members to read that work…
. The term work again rather loosely applied
. That he did at over unity where he posted as Humbugger
. Who as we all know is NOT 72 inches long.
. Or wasn’t a year ago
. He declared that he was barely the length of a ‘pickle’
. And asked to ‘please be given some more’
. Like Oliver – in Dicken’s story about Oliver TWIST

. Lends his support to TK
. Explains that the RAT team overlooked the actual Q-Array
. Which both was missed by either TK as TK
. or TK as Humbugger. Which says little about either persona’s genius
. Sadly
. And everything about Poynty Point’s

1536 TK
. Suggests that MileHigh is way too charitable
. Proof of an oversight is proof of incompetence
. He’s replicated the circuit easily
. Maybe not yet but wait and see.
. His genius is such that if he will – soon
. Just as he can prove his 72 inches
. Tall
. Which is where the term ‘tall story’ originates

. Agrees with TK on everything
. No matter what
. And reminds readers and members that the fg outputs -5 volts
. Which is likely to blow a 50 Ohm resistor
. As he thinks there are two 100 Ohm resistors in parallel
. Somewhere. He doesn’t specify where

1538 TK
. Asks permission from MileHigh to use an optocoupler
. Because he proposed this earlier when he posted as Humbugger
. Explains that it has the added merit of creating a spurious oscillation
. That has no chance of recharging the batteries
. Which makes it a desirable definitive debunk proof
. Still makes no reference to his earlier request for more pickles

1539 TK
. Asks for more guidance from MileHigh
. Suggests that if he reverses probes he can make the -5 volts look like +5 volts
. Speculates on this outcome for the balance of the post
. Obviously prefers to apply that transposition
. Possibly as definitive proof of a debunk
. Which is to be used in his proposed replication
. Which is proposed to PROVE that the NERD technology does not work
. Which is interesting – if not exactly logical
. Still nothing about those extra pickles
. Sadly

. Points out that the sim doesn’t use a function generator
. And the sim works just fine
. Sort of – with applied innuendos
. And caveats
. Complains that the NERD waveform downloads gave him a headache
. Insisted that it was ‘RATS’
. Stated that the NERD CSR was incorrectly positioned
. Thereby voiding any claims on any basis at all
. Suggests that TK replace the CSR with a function generator
. To produce an orgiastic waveform
. That will ‘quiver’ in a ‘spastic feedback mode’
. And that’s all the debunk requires

1541 TK
. Asks for more explanations from MileHigh related to waveform analysis
. Posts a picture of a little man with glasses to indicate that he, TK is, half blind
. Which is fatuously self-evident
. Promises that he does indeed have something ‘up his sleeve’
. Or in his arsenal
. Somewhere
. Then confusingly he posts a picture of an element resistor
. Which is, indeed, threatening

. Now satisfied that the function generator can be entirely replaced
. Notwithstanding his earlier proposal to replace the CSR with this
. Not happy with the use of the optocoupler
. Nor is happy with the function generator
. Wants to do nothing but apply a 50 Ohm resistor to enable current flow
. Somehow
. Suggests that TK simply apply a continuous positive voltage at the gate
. And uses some extraordinary terms to explain this
. But omits the picture of a little man wearing glasses
. Which means that unlike TK he sees all this
. Somehow
. Then proposes that the LED’s of DOOM will definitely conduct continuously
. Which is correct
. Given a continuously applied signal at the gate of Q1

1543 TK
. Assures MileHigh that he sees the point in this experiment
. Advises MileHigh that he sees it even better than MileHigh
. Refers to the applied negative signal from a function generator
. Applies a square wave signal to some LED’s and surprisingly
. Only one of those LED’s flashes
. Which is STARTLING
. Proposes that all that’s happening on the NERD circuit is this
. Which results in more power to the MOSFET’s than to the load
. Which may be relevant IF that was what the NERD circuit shows
. Which it doesn’t.

. Sings a tune related to that ‘old black magic’
. Fantasises about things that go ‘BOOM’
. Convinces himself that the CSR was in the wrong loop
. Posts the wrong schematic in support of this assumption
. Allegation
. Whatever
. Concludes by humming to himself

. Wrestles with his conscience and admits that the counterclaim is COP infinity
. Admits that he’s probably wrong about the position of the CSR
. Goes ‘out on a limb’ and even states that CSR voltage is DEFINITELY wrong
. Proposes that we apply Poynty’s proposal of a negative current discharge
. Sings about that ‘old black magic’ but replaces Black with ‘rat’
. Which has the dubious merit of being amusing

1546 TK
. Tries to understand the applied analysis to each data dump
. Complains that the NERD team never referenced the math function
. Despite it being comprehensively demonstrated in the video
. And despite his allegations of ‘closely’ recording the history of this technology
. Unless his genius is actually just in not registering anything at all
. While he records the progress of anything at all
. Which on the face of it is possible

. Not an entirely comprehensible post
. Some heavily obvious reference to MIB’s
. Probably to pretend to some hope of importance
. Which is sad

1548 TK
. Just doing his usual self-promotion
. Sadly ineffective
. Still no proof of 72 inches
. Good gracious

1549 TK
. Speculates idly on Rosemary Ainslie’s possible answer
. Assures the members and readers that he is not trying to get her banned
. Makes some reference to ‘Leon…er’
. Not sure what that means

. Makes a garbled appeal to a collaborator to come in and ‘fight’
. Takes half a page to do so
. Language is not his strong point

1551 TK
. Seems to think that he can do damage to anyone’s reputation
. When in fact approval by him would constitute considerably more damage
. He may possibly garner more credibility with proof of his ‘length’
. Which he claims is 72 inches
. Or the NERD technology
. Or both
. Asks eatenbyagrue to come in and argue
. Or suggests that he’s turned tail
. Because Rosemary Ainslie’s pestering him for legal advice
. Still nothing more about his length

1552 TK
. Ennumerates a series of questions
. Which Rosemary Ainslie not only will not answer
. But she’s not inclined to acknowledge
. But it’s managed to fill yet more space
. At least 72 inches of thread
. Designed to discourage any readership at al
. Lest anyone notice that he can’t prove that little length thingy
. That’s calculated as 72 pickles for every 6 feet.
. Golly

1553 TK
. Speaks to MileHigh because no-one’s answering him
. Walks down memory lane
. Still nothing more about that proof of length thingy