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Sunday, July 31, 2011

134 - more results - this is getting a bit boring

Dear Reader,

Here's the thing. I don't want to risk leaving the oscilloscope on for the duration of the tests. It's a delicate instrument and I'd hate it if the experiment went out of control. So I turn it off during the course of the test. Then I turn it on to download a test result. It invariably starts off at 73.something - and then immediately climbs to 74.3 or 74.4. Then it drops to 74.1 and then just moves between these values. The test start voltage was 72.something. Can't remember it but I've got the download. That made me think that it was 'recharging'. But it really isn't. It is simply retaining its charge...I think.

In any event it has now been running for 67 hours. Therefore it's dissipated 10 x 60 x 60 x 67 = 2 412 000 watts. Sorry I've overstated this. It's been running since Friday 10.30am therefore only 54 hours. Therefore 1 944 000 watts dissipated. It's rated capacity is 60 ah's = 60 x 60 x 6 batteries @ 12 volts each = 1 296 000 watts. Technically it's already exceeded its watt hour rating at absolutely NO EVIDENT LOSS OF POTENTIAL DIFFERENCE.

I'll let it run for the duration of the day. But this is really getting absurd. By rights the batteries should, by now, have completely depleted. In fact they're fully charged.

I'll download the waveforms later today when I conclude the test. So. I'll let it run for another 12 hours or more. But I think this has now been conclusively proven.

Kindest regards,

It's mildly amusing to me that Stefan has assured me that my membership will be re-instated when I've run this test. I've advised him but notice that he's rather anxiously pretending that he's not aware of these tests or of my notification. But nor will I do anything about it. I've got a battle ahead of me if these papers of ours are to get published. And I rather prefer it that it's not done in the face of those horribly flamed threads. And as for Poynty et al. That doesn't even bear mention. They're promoting Romero's tests LOL - because that has the very real benefit to them of being INCONCLUSIVE and substantially not replicable. LOL. To those of you who want to know about agenda on our forums - look no further. The last thing that either of them want is finality to these claims. It's sad but true.