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Thursday, April 21, 2011

109 - simulated circuit

Dear Reader,

To answer those many questions on - here's the sim circuit. Results are consistent with what we've been looking at on the apparatus.

and this for the results.

And this one on the close up.

Hopefully that answers your questions sprocket.

Kindest regards,

108 - how to avoid being eaten by those trolls

Dear Reader,

Just as a reminder. I am contactable on my email. Should any reader here - or anywhere at all - want to view this demonstration device - artefact - in operation, then please contact me. I am on record. I will show the systematic methodologies applied to getting it fully operational and the protocols applied to its measurements. Subject to their willingness - I will be glad to introduce you to those who have built this and assisted in progressing this

I assure you all that it is easily translated into practical applications. All that is still missing is accreditation by academic experts. And this is MUCH required - because without it we can be accused of perpetrating some kind of fraud. It is an unfortunate truth that these kind of claims proliferate our internet and our history. All the more reason to delay any development of marketable applications until this is endorsed.

And then. Should we EVER get that endorsement - there is absolutely no aspect of this technology that has been or can be patented. All has been thoroughly exposed on the internet. It is easily applied. It will put paid to any further requirement of monopolistic utility supply sources. It is capable of generating the most clean green and efficient use of electric energy. It is easily applied with known 'off the shelf' components. And it will reduce the cost of electricity generation to a fraction to installation costs and little else - except possibly as it relates to maintenance.

There are those detractors to this technology - those with psychological predispositions to denial of new science - or those with vested interests in perpetrating the status quo - who actively seek to prevent this knowledge from being spread. It is a travesty of science. And it is an abuse of knowledge. Fortunately they are now overplaying their hands with a kind of histrionic excess that makes their motives as plain as day. But this has also prevented me from 'spreading the news'- so to speak on a forum that encourages dialogue. Dialogue is preferred. It is the slow painful but ultimately rewarding method of also explaining this new science. That way, as the understanding unfolds, then that knowledge will perhaps pave the road to even more discoveries.

Hopefully that dialogue can be maintained here. I will undertake to publish any questions related to this that it can assist those who are trying to get to grips with the technology. And I'll answer those questions here in case they have wider relevance. Hopefully that way we can all benefit. I will append my email address on each and every post. And if you prefer it that your email remain anonymous - then Isuggest you email under an avatar or just advise me to keep your names off record.

There is a small unpublished variation to the circuit. It is absolutely NOT required for optimised performance. It is only emphasised because it speaks to the thesis or the thinking that first gave rise to this methodology and it is the thesis that actually needs to be advanced. I absolutely put on record that I have discovered nothing. The thesis itself resolves certain questions related to quantum and classical thinking and is essentially conceptual. Not a bad thing in itself as this new science must, by its nature, be progressed conceptually. There is no extant mathematical framework available to accommodate this 'field' theory except as has been devised by our string theorists. And that is so exotic that the most of our academic math experts have difficulties with its understanding.

Hopefully, one way or another - we'll advance this understanding.

Kindest regards,