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Sunday, November 13, 2011

184 - Fleischmann and Pons - VINDICATED

Dear Reader

Here's where it's all happening

Please click on that link. An Italian team have ignored the academic argument against 'free energy' and simply gone ahead and manufactured their generators in defiance of mainstream prejudice. This is all rather in the spirit of the Wright Brothers who flew their planes while sundry academicians were publishing their theses on the 'impossibility of heavier than air flight'.

What is significant here is not the news so much as that there's no news about this at all. Where are our media? Where are those investigative reporters? What is happening to us all - boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen - that the most significant energy breakthrough EVER - is on the market - and is yet entirely UNHERALDED?

The news is wonderful indeed. What is alarming is that not our universities nor our media are dealing with this. If this situation persists - then I'm afraid that both these bodies will lose both their credibility with the public forever.

I think the only way to counter this news embargo is to please - whoever reads here - just forward that link to as many people as possible. Sooner or later there must be enough pressure from the public to insist that they address this.

Kindest regards,