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Sunday, October 23, 2011

163 - on theory

Dear Reader,

It seems that the the elusive 'unified' theory - abounds with as many variations as there are promoters. The problem with all of them is that they're obtuse and complex. And they defy Occams requirement for 'parsimony, economy and succinctness'. Personally I think we can add nothing to the standard model. Nor need we. Our experts have already got it right. It's just that - to date - they've overlooked the fact that the magnetic field may, indeed, be a primary force. Then everything falls into place and theory stays sharp.

So. It's just a minor modification and a small adjustment to the focus - so to speak. What beggars the mind is that - having made that small adjustment - then the abundance of available energy becomes mind boggling.

The downside to all this, of course, is that we'll need to re-evaluate our requirements for centralised grid suppliers. That's likely to be disruptive. Very much so. So. Here's the thing. Not only will our Governments dislike the promise of this technology - but so will our energy suppliers. Not sure what's going to happen. But fasten your seat belts everyone. Because it's a ride that's going to get very bumpy.

And if I'm overstating the 'bleeding obvious' - it's to remind you all that it is virtually impossible to suppress a desirable technology forever. It's going to be tested - eventually. And then? God alone knows what will happen. Personally I think that the transition to move off grid may be made smooth provided only that there's some control over the standards of implementation.

And then? The question is which technology to apply. We're all at the 'crawling stage' of this development. Our personal best in the wattage we dissipated was in the region of something in excess of 200 watts. That's not likely to cut it. And it's not likely to change until we can get hold of more robust transistors. But here's my dream. I know that there's a far better way of generating this energy. So. If our academics can validate the results that - in themselves are anomalous, then they will give this technology some kind of respectability. That should justify funding for research. And that funding should make it possible to shape those magnets to make that 'perpetual' motor that is required in terms of that model.

Now. I need to point something out - lest it's been overlooked. When there's a breakthrough in technology - then it needs to be validated. The whole point in publishing experimental evidence in papers is that the claim is WIDELY assessed. One representative authority is just NOT enough. It's that benchmark thing. Here's the theoretical analogy. No-one can jump higher than 4ft - say. Technical experts have established that this is the limit possible within the constraints of human muscle power. Then someone uses certain artifices and scales 10 feet. There are those who will try this and fail. And there are those who have a vested interest in denying this result. And there are those that will follow suit and also jump that 10 feet. Which is true? Well. The minute that the first person replicates or even betters that first result - then those that deny this evidence fall by the wayside. It only needs one independent replication to establish that truth. And to get that replication needs as wide an audience as possible - precisely to filter out the failures and the nay sayers. That's the beauty of the journal review process. It unequivocally establishes the truth or otherwise - of any scientific claim.

Which is why I keep knocking on the academic doors.

Kindest regards,