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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

102 - just another rant

Dear Reader,

I am forever being advised - directly or indirectly - that I have not got the required 'schooling' to comment on physics. This is a truth and, in this, I am also in good company. But the truth of the matter is that there is no 'schooling' could provide me with the insights related to this thesis of ours. There is NO 'FIELD THEORY' that incorporates bi-polar tachyons - that assemble into particles that then form the foundation of all visible matter. Nothing that I know of - anyway. And certainly nothing on these lines that are taught at schools - anywhere. It is an exercise in logic. And logic should be very much a part of science.

I'm growing rather tired of this 'forum stance' where the dismissal of these ideas are based on the vainglorious assumption of a need to be taught all this. My question is - who will teach us? The idea is NEW. Thus far it has not been considered ANYWHERE.

That's some of them. The most of the detractors do not have the intellectual acumen to even understand the thesis. Yet they'll decry it - on the same basis. What rank - gross - outright bigotry. Savonarola springs to mind. Certainly a medieval mindset that is entrenched in self-righteous opinion. If anyone ever assumed to comment on the basis of actually having read that study of ours, then there would be a discussion. What - in God's name are they afraid of? And they seem to think that their comments are relevant? And again. God alone knows to what. Certainly it has NOTHING to do with logic or understanding or even knowledge. Even that would help. What has happened to the human intellectual reach when a new idea must first be dismissed - on principle - and because the proponent does not have the right 'credentials'? And what constitutes the right credentials? Frankly I do not see how a unifying model based on a 'magnetic field' can ever be incorporated into standard and known science. If it were it would require a complete upset of known paradigms. That's not happened yet.

Golly. It will be wonderful when we humans evolve to a stage where we had minds open to new ideas and enough courtesy and mutual respect to allow those ideas to come to fruition. We've got a long way to go before we can really consider oureselves to be even partially civilized.

Anyway - nice to get that off my chest.

Kindest regards,