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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

253 - a red alert

Dear Reader,

I've been busy - again. It seems that I'm not quite able to leave the forum yet. Maybe soon. Meanwhile here's a significant post that I wrote today. If you haven't read it there - then you'll at least read it here.

Kindest regards

Hi Derrick, It took a while to get back in here. I WISH Harti would attend to this. There's something SERIOUSLY wrong with his software. Every now and then it goes into a loop back mode where I can't get out of the 'home page'. And I know that there are others have the same problem. Thanks for the encouragement. But I really need to stress this. The reason that I work on these forums is because this is really the 'seed bed' of technologies that need to stay open source. And the reason I've gone to these extraordinary lengths to REFUTE those DISCLAIMERS - is that IF we don't, then as day follows night - our new technologies will be shrouded in perpetual mystery - which is a HIGHLY exploitable condition for our monopolists.

Here's a kind of analogy. You remember how 'GOOD ART' was confined to acknowledged schools. Out of that school then art was irrelevant. Then came along a whole bunch of 'rebels' who 'usurped' that art AWAY from those so called 'experts' and DID THEIR OWN THING. That's the Van Gogh's and even the Edvard Munch's of this world. And today there is 'modern art' that realises considerably more marketable value than our classicists - our David's and such like. Well. It's my considered opinion that the same thing is happening in our sciences. What a whole bunch of people are now doing is challenging our current paradigms related to physics. And this is resulting in a WELCOME ENGAGEMENT by a really wide and representative body of our public. Even amongst the so called 'experts' - those trained in physics - there's a schism that is as as wild and wide and broad and deep - and just as unbridgeable or impassable - as the Great Canyon. Everyone's off at a tangent - trying to find the 'solution' - not only to our energy crisis - but to all those PARADOXES that dog our classicists. Schism is EVERYWHERE. And the two 'strongest' schools that are clouting each other for recognition - are our String theorists versus our Quantum and Classical theorists. We, the lay public - are not aware of the niceties of that argument - but we're aware of all that doubt that's associated with science. We certainly KNOW - with growing alarm - that our scientists DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING.

Now. Back to these forums where we're 'fed' - as a general daily reminder - like prayers at an assembly - is the need to DEFER to classical theory. And here's the essence of that 'schism'. The classicist CLAIMS that our four forces - are also a FULL DESCRIPTION OF EVERYTHING. And on the other hand, we have our String theorists who CLAIM that our FOUR FORCES are only an expression of A 5th and HIDDEN FORCE. AND, while the most of us are not aware of the niceties, as I mentioned, we sure as HELL know where these questions are pointing. This means that - IF indeed, those four forces are NOT THE FULL ARGUMENT - then we should, by rights question all those thermodynamic constraints that they REQUIRE. And it is my fond belief that these forums are a DIRECT RESULT of that RIGHT TO QUESTION.

BUT, by the same token, IF we allow that continued daily DIET based on the argument that NOTHING CAN EXCEED THERMODYNAMIC PRINCIPLES, then we'll be starved out of the required engagement in this new science. These new paradigms. Which are being forged, even as we speak. But more critically, if we do NOT engage - on a hands on basis - with all the experimental and experiential evidence that we can muster - then we - the LAY PUBLIC will again lose touch with the essentials of our own logic - required to find our own reasons - and we'll DEFER to the so called EXPERT to progress our science. And history as taught us WELL. When they USURP that authority to do our thinking for us - then they ALSO engineer that science to their own best advantage. And that has not, historically, established the greatest good for the greatest number.

And I have long been intimately aware of the gross abuses of the so called 'authority' that is flaunted on these forums. They have managed to systematically DISMISS every experimental evidence of OVER UNITY that has ever dared present itself here. And the worst of it is this. It is done with a SUPREME disregard to even the ESSENCE OF ACKNOWLEDGED MEASUREMENT PROTOCOLS. It is no ACCIDENT - that Poynty forged those multiple and confusing ACRONYMS to support his arguments. In other words - to put it bluntly - there has been a over use of some rather contemptible, and less than scientific analyses applied to some highly credible evidence - all managed with a disgraceful abuse of our required scientific standards in order to CONFUSE those members who actively engage here. And they've got away with it for FAR TOO LONG. It makes not one iota of difference to our own claim. But I can ONLY with any authority at all - ARGUE OUR OWN CLAIM. Which is why it is topical to this thread. But the problem is far, far wider. It's as rampant as a plague - and it won't be stopped until someone stands up and confronts them. Then it can get some much needed fresh air - some much needed medication - before we can reclaim the purpose of these forums. And I am ENTIRELY committed to OPEN SOURCE. Which means that I must, unfortunately, also confront some strong personalities that have rather dominated 'popular opinion' to the detriment of science and our own best interests - especially as it relates to our need for CLEAN AND GREEN. And I intend remaining uncredentialed PRECISELY so that I can belong to this new and emerging school that is NOT dependent on those classical conclusions.

I hope this post won't be construed as a rant. It's meant to be a red alert.
Kindest regards,