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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

an aside


Dear Reader,

It's been an absolute pleasure to write here on this blog of mine.  Not only am I not defending my corner and getting bogged down and delayed by endless irrelevancies but I'm actually enjoying the sheer creativity of this exercise, it's varied aspects of theorising and testing - and then the pleasure in composing this blog itself.  It's drifting between this and that - and no doubt will test everyone's tolerance when it is finally made public.  But it has the advantage of catching what's appropriate albeit it in a rather eccentric sequence.

Perhaps what I need to explain is the delays in that heat 'profiling' which, apparently is better explained as the heating characteristics of the element that we're studying at the moment.  Those poor students' time is heavily constrained in the bureaucratic demands to give them permission and license to study in this country of ours - as they are not South African Residents.  This is halting progress to a certain extent.  But the data for those 'characteristics' have now been captured and we're simply getting them put into a graphic form for easy reference.  We've also started on the switching circuit - but early steps.  At this stage we're simply trying to determine the optimised frequency for that particular element.  When we have a better handle on this then we'll download all that data against all those tests and - hopefully, those who are sufficiently interested, will be able to double check our numbers.

Meanwhile - I'll spend these long and wakeful nights of mine developing the script for that video.  It will also be a guide into the thesis for those of you who are interested.  And, by the way, I have not forgotten the need to transpose either the TIE paper or the Quantum paper onto this blog.  But I'll need to get someone to do that for me and - so far - have not found the right person.

Kindest regards,

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