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Sunday, November 28, 2010

problems and problems solved


Dear Reader,

We're having problems with the instruments to record waveforms.  It may take a while to get this fixed or replaced.  I'll get back here asap.


And again readers, all,

I've decided to keep this information here.  Problems are fixed and all is very much on track and results more amazing than ever.  Just a quick view of our wonderful little rig - here it is.  And at the moment it's cooking from a 12 volt supply with zero discharge from that battery.  A full report to follow.

Kindest regards and may you all be as happy as we are

Sorry.  Yet another qualification.  I will NOT have the report ready for tomorrow or even today.  More likely by the end of next week or sometime before Christmas.  It needs to be perfectly presented.  And perfection takes time.  I'm only certain that it will 'rock'.   So for those that need some good news - take heart. 


  1. What is the idea here, and why is the idea so special?

  2. Would you share your wireing diagram and parts list? tks