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Sunday, December 12, 2010

comments from the public


Dear Reader,

I notice - with some alarm - that there are considerably more readers than I hoped for at this stage.  And I'm getting questions from you.  If I knew how to answer you all off this blog - then I'd do this.  I have no idea how.  I only know how to publish in this blog.  In any event - if you're reading here - then here's my answer to questions.

Anonymous - What's so special is that we're getting a COP greater 17 and have had 4 hours of run at COP INFINITY.  We're trying to get back this latter result.

Sheldon - the parts will be available when we publish the report.  Not sure where that publication will come but it's unlikely to be on forums.  I'll explain this later.  It's the same circuit that we've always used - except that we're using a standard immersion element as our load resistor and we're driving the MOSFET with a functions generator.  It seems to afford us much better control than the 555.

Meanwhile I am still debating where to report and how public to make that report.  I'll share some concerns about this in due course.

Kindest regards,


  1. Rosemary when you can it would be helpful to see a circuit diagram, and a capture of:

    The function generator waveform.
    The voltage waveform across the heater.
    The current waveform through the heater.
    The current waveform through the power source.

    This will allow others to reproduce your work.

  2. Hi Rosemary -wonderful work. Don't be discouraged, this stuff ain't easy!