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Saturday, January 29, 2011

36 - a pretender

Dear Reader,

Sadly, I've deregistered from Poynty's forum. It was the inevitable consequence of yet another orchestrated troll attack this time from Humbugger - who assures us he is not TK. I know we can entirely rest on his advices in this regard. These identity confusions are the inevitable result of our forums where one can adopt any personality that anyone requires. Never is one expected to be accountable on a forum. But I'll give more on this later.

For now I'd like to illustrate the kind of person that is this Humbugger. It was a pure co-incidence that he chose one of TK's videos to educate us. The intention was to warn us about the dangers of faulty 'readings' from our DSO's. But it was an unfortunate choice. I say 'unfortunate' because TK states that he's referencing two points on a single line when, in fact, he's referencing an entirely different line at an entirely different junction. But there again - we need not have worried. He, Humbugger, has connections. Lots of them. This time he referred to the CIA Forensic Labs and to the Jet Propulsion Labs and they rallied. At speed. They must have dropped all their other work. Irrelevant by comparison to this issue. Within the space of a short half day, Humbugger was able to get both to thoroughly investigate this problem. They did a detailed search. A full investigation of the video at hand. You see for yourself that the question was of National Importance. Well deserving of this skilled and expert investigation. And in the light of those many that required an IMMEDIATE answer - it shows an appropriate and democratic response to a question that was far from trivial.

Thankfully, they found that there was, indeed, no error at all. Unbeknownst to us, there was a wire attached directly to the 'blue line' in question. This could never be detected through the video itself or with the simple use of one's eyes. And again, thankfully the question was put to bed with the personal assurance of Humbugger himself, that THERE was NO NEED TO CONCERN OURSELVES. Golly. Had I not had such a detailed investigation into this matter I'd have been inclined to think that TK could have made a mistake - compounded by Humbugger's oversight of this. God forbid. To think that this God of a Man could have mere feet of clay. That would not have given me my required restful sleep nor peace of mind.

I intend writing to both laboratories to thank them for their efforts in this regard.


Here's the video in question...Sorry - he's disabled this. Can't think why? Such an excellent video. I think I can still give a link to the link. Here's hoping. And one also hopes that it will remain accessible to all. It would be a crying shame if he saw fit to withdraw this or EMBED it.

And here's the link to that assurance given us by Humbugger.