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Monday, February 7, 2011

48 - a slippery poynt

This is for you Poynty.

That argument on power analysis is hopelessly flawed. What are you thinking? I wouldn't write here except that I'm rather shocked at the liberal applause that you seem to have generated from your 'followers'.

If we put a power meter in series with a plug and then light a light - then that power meter will register a wattage. Our utility suppliers depend on this.

If we look at the voltage through that wire in series with that light - using your average DSO we will see a perfectly sinusoidal waveform. The power trace is developed from that voltage. You claim that the net power dissipated is zero based on the sum of both traces above and below zero. But. If I was to agree with your argument then I'd be left with the evidence of power dissipated that refutes your argument. I'd see it in the lit light - and I'd read it on the watt meter.

Poor Lawrence simply agrees because his FLEET is widely seen as usurping the technology progressed by others. Therefore is his tenure on other forums denied. You allow it? Why? Because you intend refuting his evidence and thereby all the evidence of the Joule Thief researchers?

If you refute it on the argument that you've presented it's wrong. You'll need to find another argument Poynty Point. The power dissipated is based on the voltage from a preceding sinusoidal voltage trace. The power delivered is greater than zero. Therefore too is the power dissiapted greater than zero. Power is NEVER based on the sum of any voltage at all. It's the product - however you wish to factor that product. However - there's no simple factor in the application of RMS on a simple switching circuit. I wonder how often I'll need to say this? It reminds me of the time when I had to repeatedly point out that back electromotive force could, indeed, recharge a battery. Do you remember that argument Poynty?

What are you thinking?


btw - it seems that there are three schools of thought - not two. The third school borrows any fallacious argument it wants to deny any evidence it chooses. That school is definitely going to win every argument - provided only that they're ever given any kind of credibility at all. If this is an example of that argument then neither of the other two schools need worry too much.