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Saturday, February 19, 2011

60 - ta muchly

Dear Reader,

I must say that I'm in awe of Poynty's and Humbugger's technical knowledge. I have to perform all kinds of mental gymnastics to get past those tedious acronyms - but when I finally manage that I see the genius involved in reverse engineering. And surprisingly, I think I'm beginning to understand how school 'classical' thinks. The only criticism that I have is that they both insist that my writing is less than obscure - if you can manage that double negative. It's when a double negative does not become positive. LOL I rather prided myself on the idea that I was articulate. But 'clearly' not. I"ll need to do better. Here's my first best effort.

What I find intriguing is that if you apply a material dual charge property to current - which, by the way, precludes electrons as they're monopoles - then that resonance - indeed any type of resonance on this circuit - is immediately explicable. Just a thought. I've always sort of depended on this - from the beginning. In other words, I predicted that the flow of current would be bi-directional depending on the applied voltage. And when it flows in 'the opposite direction' then it also presents and alternate charge. That way, and only in that way, can you get that energy going back through the diode. And the strength of that resonance? That means that there may be an alternate supply source on the circuit. Surely? That way you can eliminate all those tedious possibilities. And better yet. You won't need to reference those acronyms.

Jokes aside. Thanks for your efforts - Poynty Point and Humbybugger. I'm learning lots - but I think I'm the only beneficiary here.

Kindest regards,