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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

88 - nearly there

Dear Reader,

Just a short note to let you know that the report is nearly finalised. Hopefully we can get this ready and printed for tomorrow. I need to send a couple of copies out for preview to a few people and then - hopefully by Saturday - we'll have the finished product.

I wont be writing here until after the demo. Then I'll give full details and, hopefully, some youtube videos of the experiment and of the demo itself. I will then also publish the report here on the blog. I feel a bit guilty about keeping this under covers. But I've been bitten by some dogs in the past. Not that anxious to expose this to the same risks again.

Meanwhile - for those that harbour good wishes - thank you. And for those who wish us ill - I trust you'll be disappointed. Certainly there's meat in the results that should merit further research. And if we can get some earnest reseach onto a wide academic forum - then I know that enough checks and balances will come into play that this contentious technology may yet get the attention it both needs and deserves.

And I've paid full tribute to the hard efforts of our forum members by stressing the Open Source efforts that have supported this - albeit still not noisy enough to attract a big enough following. So. Again. For anyone who can spread the news - please do so. There is much to follow. Dr Stiffler, the Joule Thief circuit variants, David Lambright's efforts, Lasersaber - are a few that spring to mind. There are many. And there is this robust reach into exploring energy efficiencies that must, eventually, make a breakthrough. Hopefully our own contribution here may also assist.

Every little bit helps.

Kindest regards,