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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

95 - still on the significance of that oscillation

Dear Reader,

This is the last post. Hopefully this will get to the gullet of the questions raised.

Kindest again

Hello Mark - and Infringer. It is a closed loop - already. But infringer, you're spot on. I see a single solar panel as desirable as it would supply a stored energy that could trickle charge to the batteries. I think that a high voltage source also needs to be stable at a given value notwithstanding the roller coaster voltage values when it gets into oscillation mode. We tested this on batteries with huge capacities. And it would be nice to know that we could use something a little more modest. I've not tried this on anything other than the batteries disclosed in the report.

Now. The next point - which may - I hope - bend your minds. I referenced this simple fact. During the period when the gate signal is negative - is the time that we induce this crazy oscillation. This much is evident. The current path is first anticlockwise - indicating that it comes from the circuit to the supply source. Then. The current path reverses and goes from the battery to the the circuit. How is it that there is no restriction to the flow of this current from the battery? I have not heard anyone ask this. The assumption is made that the flow from the supply can only happen when the gate is positive. Surely? What I'm hoping is that those that are more insightful here - will see what I'm referencing. Current may, indeed, have properties of charge.

I'll try this again. The applied signal at the gate is positive. It allows a kind of bridge to the applied voltage from the battery supply that the current can flow from the supply - through the circuit and back to the negative terminal. We all know that. Now we apply a negative signal at the same point. And this still allows the unrestricted flow of current from the battery supply through the circuit. Not only that but the flow of that current is really strong. That's the point - I think - where this circuit gets interesting. To my way of seeing this - if the current from the battery supply has a distinctly 'positive' charge - evidenced in a clockwise directional flow - then there is, self-evidently - nothing at the gate to prevent its flow when the gate signal reverses to negative. And this is the point where I suspect there may yet be some consessions to the concept of current having two distinct charge potentials. If so. Then - with apologies for all these 'ifs' - if current flow comprises electrons - then it could NEVER 'swap' directions and charges as an electron is a monopole. An electron would either be repelled or attracted at the 'gate'. Here we have a condition where the charge is not restricted - at all. On the contrary. Therefore is there the proposal that this may be proof that our current - whatever else it is - is NOT the flow of electrons. Wrap your minds around this possibility and I assure you that you'll then need to talk 'unkown energy supply sources' or 'aether energy' or dark energy. I do hope you'll see the point here.

You guys have been looking for the 'secret' to all that abundant energies. I think on a deep but subliminal level we all know it's out there. Compulsively interesting. But ever elusive. But I also think that you expect it to announce itself with some kind of definitive 'tan tan tara'. I'm reasonably satisfied that it has never been considered as the properties of that well known electromagnetic interaction. All have presumed that this is based on the flow or movement of electrons. Never proven - but always assumed. What is here suggested is that it's in the actual material of charge which has NOTHING to do with the atoms. It's a force field that operates outside the atom. And - if this is so, then all we need to do is use all that current potential way more efficiently. And the best way to do this is to let that current 'just do it's thing'.

So. It's rather prosaic in its fundamentals. Just the well known electromagnetic interaction. Yet it's strangely and entirely different - in its actual fundamental constructs. That, I hope, is what this oscillation proves. Please note, Infringer. That crazy oscillation only needs some small inductive value on the circuit materials - and a continually applied negative charge at the gate - and the indications are that we have - dare I say it - PERPETUAL current flow. That thing that is only, under known circumstances, enabled in REALLY cold conditions. And what's really interesting - is that this puts paid to the idea that current flow will COST anything at all.

Kindest regards,