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Sunday, May 8, 2011

110 - a method in the madness

Dear Reader,

I've spent the entire evening answering emails. I've finally found my way around the 'gmail' system and abject apologies to all those who wrote in and whom I did not answer. There's a couple of emails that I must post over in their entirety but that's another learning curve. Bear with me.

I need to report on a development that's taken place at A brilliant experimentalist posts under the name Romerouk - has got a 'self runner'. It's a Muller motor variant - and it runs a light without any battery supply at all. Here's the link.

click here

There's also a link to a video on this - but for the moment it's defeated me. I'll try this again when I've finished this post.

This is incredible news and I'm more than a little bouyed at all this because it's so unarguable. COP infinity and no need for any measurements beyond this evidence. the guy is clearly an exceptionally intuitive experimentalist and I suspect he's done this over unity drive an exceptionally good turn.

Anyway - enjoy the references and rest assured. With this much evidence then we have - at it's least - resolved whatever's needed to run our motorcars.

We also have some good news which I'll post over tomorrow. We've taken 0.7 litres water to boiling point - 104 degrees centigrade. And there was a clear evidence of the battery climbing and holding at it's 'kick off' start voltage. Also the resistor cooked at a measured 240 degrees centigrade before I immersed this in water. And the temperature simply climbed steadily from ambient over a 4 hour period with absolutely no measurable current flow from the batteries nor any evident loss of voltage or charge from the supply.

And to compound all this good news - a friend of mine did a replication using a 12v automotive soldering iron which gave precisely the same advantages evident as was evident in our 'water to boiling point' test. Which all means that not only is this scalable but it's also relatively easily to take to a wide range of applications.

It's all breakthrough territory even though it's very much in its early stages. And I confidently predict that all this is just the tip of the iceburg. Lots more to come.

Kindest regards,