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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

128 - history just repeating itself

Dear Reader,
Here's an email from Stefan Hartman and my response. For those who are NOT aware of the significance of this I'll explain more tomorrow.

Hi Rosemary,
there are too many problems now.

Please go to a different forum with your work.

I will close all the treads tommorow about it.
You can deceide, if I should leave the material on there or should
delete it all.


Stefan -

I have long wondered to what extent one can make a forum owner ACCOUNTABLE to his members. Through nothing more than your irresponsible lack of protection you have passively assisted in harming the work that we're trying to advance. I call on you here to REVERSE THAT.

If you lock my thread and thereby refuse me a chance to UNDO THAT DAMAGE THAT YOU HAVE ALLOWED - then I have a contractual complaint against you that I will address. So. It's not my choice. It's yours. If you DELETE my work then I will most CERTAINLY hold you to account.

And in either instance I will simply hold up your PROTECTION offered to RomeroUK to the the COMPLETE LACK OF PROTECTION offered to me. And I would remind you that YOU opened that thread and that YOU invited me to post there. And I would draw your attention to the MANY ATTEMPTS I MADE TO ASK YOU TO INTERVENE and your ENTIRE LACK OF RESPONSE. The time that I've spent on that thread speaks for itself. It has been a DEDICATED effort by me to advance this work against an ENTIRELY unmoderated attack.

The ONLY appropriate intervention is to put Cat under moderation and to delete two remaining references that I have pointed to. I would have thought that - retrospectively - that would take up very little of your time and that it is, perhaps, the LEAST you could do to correct the harm that you have seemed not only to ALLOW but to actively ADVANCE. Why have you not considered that simple solution?

You more than ANYONE knows that any SUCCESSFUL CLAIM of a unity breach brings out an attack and that it is orchestrated and probably paid for by those with vested interests in denying this. I have asked this publicly. Do you share those interests?