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Monday, August 1, 2011

135 - still cooking with gas

Dear Reader,

Frankly I didn't have the heart to stop the test last night. It's getting a personality all of it's own. Defiant - springs to mind. Like it's showing the finger to all those smug physics predictions. It's still at precisely 74.2 then 74.3 then 74.4 then 74.3. 74.2 - 74.1 - 70.0 - 73.9 and then back up. And so it goes. Every now and then it drops as low as 73.6. That's the lowest I've seen. Heart stopping moments. And then it just quietly reverses direction again.

The batteries have now doubled their performance capacity. I was rather hoping to move this test out of my cottage and into the main house. I'll get hold of Raylite and see if they - perhaps - could make use of this publicity. That way they I may be able to get a a decent filming of this and wider accreditation.

Very nice.
Kindest regards,

BTW. Just bear in mind that these are the same batteries that have been used continuously for over 11 months now and the only two recharged were recharged some months back because they caught fire.