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Thursday, August 4, 2011

138 - patience is not something God gave me - certainly not in any discernible quantities

Dear Reader,

It doesn't seem that we'll get the funding for filming this on the internet on a continuous basis. Perhaps if we did a more detailed test? That would be a fair response as it would also be more conclusive. We would need to run two tests with the test and a control run in parallel. Which brings me back to those mind numbingly boring tests that we did for BP. Which is all a round about way of saying I've heard nothing yet. But we'll go this route if we do secure funding. And then we'll need to establish a feasible type test and the required parameters. I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, the batteries are still exactly where they were. Extraordinary.

We've heard nothing from IEEE. It's still at that early review stage to determine that the references and so on, are overtly correct. Then it gets forwarded to a reviewer or it's rejected outright. I'm not good at this waiting thing. By now I should be well used to it. But it's most uncomfortable.

Kindest regards,