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Monday, October 17, 2011

158 - another approach to the media

Dear Rader,

Rather repetitive I'm afraid. The same story but told to a member of the media in terms - I hope - that are understandable.

Kindest again,

It is going to take me some time and also the reach into some considerable efforts to marshall the facts and indeed the energy - to write all this. The trade off is this. Please print this letter and then read it when you're relaxed and able to concentrate. On Wednesday you had a theme on the lines of 'if you were to die tomorrow or soon - what would you like to first achieve?'. Well. My dream would be to find a radio or television chat show host who would pick up on our story and rally - either before or after I die, but preferably before. Or, at least, the sooner the better. I cannot tell you how often I've wanted to reach you - telephonically. But I'm not sure that I'd have had the courage to tell the whole story publicly and - God knows - even if I did I wouldn't have the time. But you'd be my 'spokesperson' of choice - precisely because you're that interested and curious about most things. And I suspect that if this story did capture your interest - then I'm reasonably certain that you would be well able do it justice.

Here's the thing. We all know that looming large is an energy crisis that can only move into a disaster zone. We are running out of fossil fuels and we're polluting our atmosphere with toxic carbon waste . If we manage the improbable goals of containing our current usage then we'll run out of that abundant fuel source within 50 years. By then carbon pollution would have introduced a level of imbalance to our atmosphere that will be irreversible and catastrophic. 50 years is within your own life time. If you have children, or, like me, grandchildren - then you and they will confront an onslaught from Nature that will be unstoppable. It will inevitably devastate our coastal urban structures together with all predictable weather patterns and rising sea levels from global warming. Think of it - water encroaching 70 kilometers inland. That's the most of our own beautiful Cape. Then. If we also supplement this supply with something in the order of the manufacture of 1 nuclear atomic station every week - and the manufacture of solar panels and wind turbines - at the rate of 2 per hour for 24 hours for each day during that 50 year period - then we'll satisfy a mere 10% of the required level of energy to also satisfy our population growth and our requirements. It's a bleak picture and it's a reality that the most of us are simply not addressing.

Well. There's a solution. And this is where our story kicks in. I am not a scientist. But some 13 years ago, now, I read a book called 'The dancing Wu Li masters' by Gary Zukov, which entirely engrossed me. It was my first exposure to science and the book itself is a wonderful summary of the development of physics up to the time of writing that book . I think it was published in the late seventies. I'm also not a mathematician. But there's a principle in atomic physics which is determined by Bell's theorem. This states that 'the statistical predictions of quantum theory....... cannot be upheld by local hidden variables'. All this means is this. On a very profound level - at the level of our particles - there has to be an order and a symmetry. Else all would be chaos and life could not be sustained. And I've got a natural aptitude to find those symmetries - I think. In any event, I set to and did my own 'take' on the magnetic field and came up with a property in electric energy that is not part of the standard model. What was proposed is that electric current actually comprises little magnetic dipoles that comprise the basic structure a magnetic field. I'm not expecting you to comment on the physics. I do not expect anyone to understand this unless they too are scientists. But what is significant is that this actually also meant that we were and are using our electric energy supplies at a small fraction of their potential force.

Now. There's a very profound 'litmus test' to all theories. There has to be experimental proof. This is so fundamental to the progress of science that the adage is this. SCIENCE IS PROGRESSED BY EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE. That's it. In other words - if you cannot prove a thesis then the thesis has no relevance to science and is intellectually interesting at best. I therefore had to prove the thesis. And the proof was very quickly managed on simple apparatus. Then the next point. The experiment must also be REPEATABLE. We could repeat it. Then. It must be MEASURABLE. We could also measure it. In effect, at those early stages, we were able to get a battery to 'out perform' it's watt hour rating. Then the experiment must also be DEMONSTRABLE. We could demonstrate it. Then. To evaluate the MEASURABLE REPEATABLE DEMONSTRABLE EXPERIMENTAL PROOF we also had to find those experts to evaluate all that evidence. And this is where we fell on our face. In 13 years we have not been able to get one or more academic experts to the table to even witness a demonstration let alone evaluate it. The apparatus has, nonetheless, been demonstrated at the MTN Sciencentre - in the offices of Coopers and Lybrand - and latterly on a well known campus. Every academic electrical engineering expert in South Africa was invited to that last demonstration. And not a one of them attended. Ever. To any of those demonstrations.

This is understandable. Let me see if I can explain this. Scientists are schooled in Thermodynamic Laws which in essence states that energy can only be transferred - never created. Effectively, in terms of Kirchhoff's unity requirements you cannot get more out of a system than was first supplied by an energy supply source. In other words the energy in your battery is the most energy you can ever access. The energy from your plug is the sum of the energy you can route to your appliances. And so on. And what we're showing is that we're getting more out of the system than was ever supplied. Indeed. On our last tests we are showing that we are ONLY getting energy from the system with a zero cost of energy from the supply. This is known as INFINITE COP which is even more extreme than a co-efficient of performance that exceeds 1. Both results are considered IMPOSSIBLE by our mainstream scientists. And yet, as an example, we can even take water to boil without any energy at all measured to have been delivered by that battery supply source. These are results that are based on careful measurement. Our technology is well known on the internet. But the claims of 'more out than in' more energy from some hidden field - is often, too often - associated with those who are trying to capitalise on their discoveries. Or they're simply stories that are promulgated as hoaxes. This has tarnished this study to the point that if any academic were to openly accede to these results then they too would be 'tarnished' and their academic reputations would be destroyed. But think of it. It would enable cooking, running lights, heating water, assisting our poor, progressing knowledge, progressing society. Which is a very, very good thing.

We have gone to some considerable trouble to ensure that all of this is available to the public. It's in the public domain, so to speak. If you google my name you'll see many many references. Certainly in excess of a million hits. Which means that no-one, not even we who are progressing this - can ever call for any kind of royalty on the development. Our sincere wish is simply to get this to the academic forum so that our experts can FINALLY evaluate all this evidence for themselves. That's been my mission from the get go. To be perfectly frank - there's another point. I am intensely bored with this side of the exercise. I am way more interested in the thesis. It shows great promise - especially as it relates to gravitational forces which - I think - may be exceeded. But for now we urgently need to get this technology more widely known. For obvious reasons.

So. As it's said - if you can't get Mahomet to go to the mountain then the mountain must go to Mahomet. There's another way to get the 'story' known - which is through the well tried and tested route of publication in an academic journal. Consider if you will the enormous challenge of this to one - such as me, who has had no academic training and no formal schooling in science - tackling the explanation of these intuitively held concepts - based on nothing more than an analysis of charge, and patterns and some elementary science promoted simplistically for the layman through layman's literature. And all for the readership of those academic journals. They're skilled academics who require a technical excellence in scientific discourse. It's a mountain in and of itself. But I tackled this. We went mountaineering - and submitted a total of 5 - actually technically and correctly 6 papers to the IEEE or to IET who both have a stranglehold on journal publications in America and Europe respectively. The first 4 papers were rejected out of hand. These last two papers have, SURPRISINGLY, been forwarded for review. But the editor has put himself out of reach to me and I cannot ascertain whether this is now mired in bureaucratic delays or if it's been relegated to a 'never touch these papers - and do not answer emails from the author' - folder. So strange. I've now resigned myself to an inevitable declination. Or the editor is too scared to formally reject it as he's aware of my internet exposure and the kind of criticism that this will possibly generate.

Now. Just a little more on the 'internet' exposure and 'conspiracy theories' and I'm done. I apologise, profusely, for the length of this. But it's required for a reasonably sufficient overview of the facts. There are those personnel at Eskom that BLOCK every effort I make to get them to witness a demonstration. One doesn't have to dig too deep to find an explanation. Then. I've belonged to forums where I've tried to progress this knowledge. Here I was hounded by those who - I suspect - are paid to dismiss any 'over unity' evidence to protect the vested interests of our energy suppliers. I can only guess at this. I cannot confirm it. But it is strange that I was hounded on forums by characters and individuals who have disappeared from view as I desisted from those forums. It's a truth. No individual has been subjected to so much abuse ever, anywhere on the internet for doing nothing more damning than trying to advance a desirable technology. And here's the one delicious fact that I have kept for last. Where we could not get academics to a demonstration we certainly managed to get industry to take note. BP (SA), SASOL (SA), ABB Research NC (the mecca of electrical measurement and research), SPESCOM (SA), POWER ENGINEERS and many, many smaller firms, together with many hundreds of electrical engineers, have witnessed a demonstration and accredited these results from the get go. Those listed are public companies and they allowed us to reference them as accreditors in the only paper that we managed to publish - October edition of Quantum in 2002. But that magazine is only in a technical journal. Not the academic publication which is required. SASOL went further and offered UCT a bursary award to progress this research. I offer this information with a certain amount of reluctance - but a circumspect call to a Professor Gaunt will confirm this. That offer too - was simply DECLINED.

So. There you have it - . We have unequivocal proof that it is possible to generate cheap energy from an abundant potential supply source - at no risk to pollution and at zero cost other than installation. It's a technology that's consistent with standard model and calls ONLY for the inclusion of a particle in a magnetic field. And the existence of that particle which is proven in the experimental evidence recorded in these last two papers - also has the potential to reconcile quantum physics and classical physics as well as endorsing the findings of our string theorists and our dark energy experts. It answers many open questions that these fields ask. It is potentially an entire solution to our global energy requirements for clean green - and it is EASY to install - subject only to the development of robust transistors. It is more than desirable. It's required. And all this is easily proven by a simple 30 minute demonstration of the equipment and the results which are easily measured - to two or more experts. One would have thought it's possible.

Our sincere hope is that you could take up this story and challenge the required authorities to - at least - witness a demonstration. That way we would not need to publish which seems to be another impossible hurdle - another slippery summit. This news should be shouted across the roof tops. Across the world. Instead there are many, many authorities who are ignoring their own criteria of experimental proof - who are closing their eyes, gagging their mouths and blocking their ears. Alternatively, or perhaps concurrently, it would be wonderful if the public could be advised. They alone can put the required pressure on our academics to answer this unanswerable question. WHY DO YOU EXPERTS NOT WANT TO EVALUATE THE EVIDENCE which is so transparently - openly and freely offered by us? Isn't that, after all, the first and primary requirement of scientists?

Please let us know if you can assist us - if this story has piqued your interest. It will be wonderful if it has. I've included our last two papers. Please do not expect to understand them. But you could, perhaps, forward them to any engineer who most certainly should be able to understand it...... I simply can't get a breakthrough. Not on my own. We need someone to help and rally the public interest to pressure the experts to act like the responsible scientists that they profess to be. It's nothing to do with science to say 'I do not believe the apparatus will work'. It's only scientific to first test it.