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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

172 - more on those foundational concepts

Dear Reader,

Those last two posts of mine have reminded me that I really need to write that paper on gravity. It is the penultimate challenge - the final challenge being to also write a paper on the strong nuclear force.

Broadly - the field model proposes that our magnetic force is a primary force. The argument in support of this is simple. A changing electric field induces a magnetic field. A changing magnetic field induces an electric field. But a changing magnetic field can interact with another magnetic field without inducing an electric field. In other words - a magnet on magnet interaction does not result in any measurable evidence of an electric field. Therefore the electric field is - at best - a secondary force that relies on the prior existence of that magnetic field - which, in turn, needs to be 'changing' or 'moving in time' in order to induce that electric interaction.

Now. Here's the thing. You can fill all known space with those highly structured magnetic fields - which it is argued - structure themselves along Faraday's Lines of Force. Start with the biggest space. That's the entire universe and its boundaries. It comprises these strings that are as broad as a whisper and as long as the boundaries of the universe. And each string comprises magnetic dipoles that are simply tiny little spherical magnets that are joined head to toe - hand in hand - south to north. Each string closes up that it forms a necklace. Well. That's the biggest all encompassing field. Then inside that field are smaller structured fields - two dimensional (saucer shaped) - that lock whole galaxies into formation. Then inside the stars of those galaxies are further two dimensional fields that lock planets into an orbit. And inside yet more localised two dimensional magnetic fields are the moons of those planets - also locked in an orbital formation.

Large blocks of coalesced matter forming those planets and moons and stars are relatively random. But the atoms that form the material of those structures are again, those two dimensional magnetic fields that hold it's particles in an orbit as fixed and predictable as the stars in the galaxies that are also held in formation.

That's the 'pattern' that is best expressed in fractals. But what is actually being proposed is that ALL is encompassed in a magnetic field. Whether it's the particles in the atom or the atoms in the planet and moons - of star structures that, in turn are in their galaxies. All is HELD within a bath of magnetic particles that form a structured coherent field of particles that are entirely invisible.

Now here's the thing. Those long strings - those great loops - those necklaces comprising the magnetic dipoles as its beads, they are always enclosing coalesced matter in whatever form that matter takes. In other words - the material is inside the magnet. Therefore, being smaller than the 'field of influence' of the magnet - the material itself only ever experiences one part of that bigger magnetic field.

Now again. The question is this? What actually is that bigger magnetic field doing? Well. It's argued that it is possible to get a perfect charge alignment of each string - that north/south alignment of the magnetic dipoles. But it is impossible to get a coherent charge distribution of each dipole with the dipoles in adjacent strings. Therefore. There would be a continual and PERPETUAL interaction of each dipole to another to either repel or attract to a neighbouring dipole - which would result in a movement towards or away. That's in line with our Laws of Charge. Then in moving towards or away from a neighbouring string, then each movement would displace an adjoined dipole in each string. Which would displace that dipole, which, being inside a string, would then displace every dipole in that entire string to describe the first step of an orbit. Many such steps and we get an orbiting string, propelling the neighbouring strings into an orbit - and so on - throughout the field. That means that the entire field would orbit. And, if the field is as coherent as is proposed, then that orbit would share a single justification. It would spin left to right. Or right to left.

But if matter is held inside that string then the matter inside it would only experience a single justification. Think of it like this. We on earth have only ever experienced a single direction - one half of - the entire orbit of our earths' magnetic field. The second half of each orbit is inside the material of the earth itself moving from the south pole to the north. Outside - the surface of the planet - correspondingly - has only experienced the north/south justification. That's a single direction. Which is also just a single charge. In other words - to the best of our knowledge - nothing on earth has had the dubious pleasure of experiencing the both charges from our contained magnetic field.

I'll get back to this. But - nota bene - if charge is determined by direction within a magnetic field and if the magnetic field has a justification - which is unarguable - then, in truth, all the material on the earth has only ever interacted with one half of the orbit of the entire magnetic field - or only 1 half of it's magnetic field's potential charge.

Kindest regards